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Succession Season 4: Will Cousin Greg Sell His Soul?

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Succession Season 3 Spoilers

The adorable Buffon finally becomes a Roy, and we can see the changes Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) is going through more openly in the third season of HBO’s no. 1 series Succession. The dramedy recently concluded its third season with its finale episode titled “All the Bells Say.” Season 3 ended with a big bang and eyes full of tears, and now it seems that in Season 4, Logan Roy (Brian Cox) will have to face off against his three united and royally pissed children including Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Kieran Culkin). While all the Roy siblings (except Connor) are maybe banding against their father, but after the gut-wrenching reveal in the finale, we now know that Cousin Greg is teaming up with Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), who is in league with Logan (who always f**king wins).

In Season 3, Cousin Greg can be seen visibly turning into one of the Roys, as he is beginning to get acclimated to the uber-rich lifestyle of the Roys. This season we see Greg lose his inheritance which was coming to him from his grandfather, and now his inheritance is going to the Greenpeace corporation. This obviously angers him and he talks about suing Greenpeace, and then we also see him dating two girls at the same time, trying to climb up the dating ladder and in last we see him selling his soul to make a deal with the devil. He literally says “What am I gonna do with a soul anyway?” and then he added, “Souls are boring.” So, Cousin Greg is moving away from the endless middle and heading to the bottom of the top, starting from Succession Season 4.

Succession Season 4 Cousin Greg
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Cousin Greg was the entry point in the world of Succession for the audience but now he is becoming more and more like the power-hungry people around him. So, now that we know what deal he has made, even though he doesn’t we can expect to see Cousin Greg in a position of power by working under Tom and Logan. He will probably get his own Greg, as he asked for in the season finale and he will begin the cycle of Tom and Greg once again by exploiting the less powerful than him while being exploited by the more powerful. Is Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the series making a little Breaking Bad in this world he has created, and if he is, will Greg really stop being the goofy idiot that everybody loves to watch.

In the world of Succession, everyone gets corrupted eventually and after three-season, Greg’s shift to the dark side was imminent, whereas the Roy siblings are just starting to get along the most relatable and most innocent of the bunch are going over to Logan’s side, which will surely end in disaster but for now, that is a ride, Armstrong wants to take the viewers on. So, let’s hope on it and wait for Season 4 like idiots.

Succession has been renewed for Season 4, so let’s wait and see who will come out on top in the next season, but until then watch these shows like Succession to pass your time.

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