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Succession Season 4: The Real Battle For Succession Begins Now!!

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Succession Season 4 Episode 3 changed everything that has happened in the history of Succession, and it will definitely change what’s going to happen next. The latest episode of the brilliant HBO series will definitely go down as one of the most important episodes in Succession history if not television history, as the writers of the series kill off the most important characters in the series. Succession Season 4 Episode 3 titled “Connor’s Wedding” buries the lead with its title as most of the episode is about Logan Roy (Brian Cox) dying and how his children react and grieve this news.

While Logan’s death was always on the horizon, nobody had thought that the creators would kill off the larger-than-life character in the third episode, when everybody was expecting a filler episode about Connor’s (Alan Ruck) and Willa’s (Justine Lupe) wedding. But as the creator of the series, Jesse Armstrong explains that Logan was always going to die and while in most tragedies we see the main character dying in the end. He really wanted to see how the children will cope after the death of their father, whose presence basically defined all of their characters.

Succession Season 4 Episode 2 Recap
Credit – HBO

As all of the Succession fans were waiting for the final season to begin they were expecting a big showdown between all of the Roy siblings united vs their father Logan, who until now has always won. But Episode 3 changes all of that entirely as all of the hate the Roy sibling carry for their father is rendered useless now and if they truly want to take over the company they will have to fight with basically every character of the series because the CEO seat is fair game for everyone now. We all knew the true game of Succession will never begin until Logan was on the seat because there is no one in the series who could truly beat him. But now the game of Succession will be played ruthlessly and whoever comes out on the top will take over and essentially be the winner of the game.

Succession Logan Dead
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Episode 4 of the final season of Succession will truly bring us all into the endgame as the deal with Mattson (Alexander Skarsgård) looms large over everybody at WayStar RoyCo. and the Roy siblings, who will have to deal with Mattson directly now that Logan is out of the picture. The trailer for the upcoming episodes suggests that Mattson doesn’t think much of the brand of WayStar RoyCo. and just wants to keep the parts of it while destroying the company. This might not sit well with the siblings who will definitely try to sabotage the deal in some way or another. But the Roy siblings are not the only players in the game as Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), and Gregg (Nicholas Braun) are also keeping their eyes on the big seat at the office.

The third episode of the final season shows us all of the siblings coming together to grieve their father while also supporting each other and keeping their eye on the business. But there is also a possibility that this might be the last time siblings come together as all of them will also try to take over the company and the competition might just tear them apart forever.


Succession Season 4 Logan Death
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Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) aka “The No. 1 Boy” could be the obvious choice to take over the company as he was the first of the siblings to whom the CEO chair was promised and then taken away by Logan. From the very first episode Kendall has been trying to be the Successor, and to some extent he is the most likely choice because of his business smarts and leadership qualities. Even when his father dies he grieves but also leads his siblings to do everything perfectly so that their future is not jeopardized. He will definitely be the biggest contender in this sadistic Succession game we are about to see.


Succession Logan Dead
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Siobhan Roy aka Shiv is also a capable candidate to become the CEO of WayStar RoyCo. but as the series is progressing it does not seem likely that she will come out on top. The only daughter of the Roy family started out as a political consultant advising a presidential candidate, who loathes Logan. But in Season 2 all of that changed when Logan promises Shiv the head chair but as we all know that didn’t pan out. Sarah Snook played the grieving daughter in the recent episode to perfection and while she could be the next CEO of the company it seems more likely that in future episodes her plot will mainly involve her marriage with Tom Wambsgans.


Succession Season 4 Logan Death
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Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) is the second most likely to become the CEO of WayStar RoyCo. Roman started out as one of the least serious people in the series but over the course of three seasons, we have seen him evolve into a good businessman who knows how to make a deal. Roman is the most similar to Logan than any of his siblings as he has that brashness to him which allows him to bully other people into listening to him. Roman is also the only one who just wants everyone in his family to be together and stop fighting and even though he is as damaged as any Roy, he comes out as one of the most sensitive and caring characters in the entire series.


Succession Season 4 Logan Death
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Tom Wambsgans aka “The C*** of Monte Christo” could also be the next Logan and while it does not seem likely as he has lost his protector and his only connection to the Roys his wife Shiv is desperately trying to divorce him. In the trailer for the upcoming episodes, we see Tom throwing his hat in the ring to become the next when the executives and Gerri suggest that the Roy sibling are not equipped to take over the company. But his suggestion is quickly laughed out of the room because of his current situation. Tom is definitely one of the most complex characters in the series as a person who was born most likely middle class and then married his way into becoming a big deal in the Roy family company. Tom has that hunger that Logan always wanted to see in his children and that coupled with Tom’s great business sense makes him another perfect candidate to take over the company.

While there are more characters in the game, the four mentioned above are the most likely choice to win in the game of Succession. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episodes to find out who will win and who will be left with the bitter taste of loss. Succession airs its episode weekly on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday. Check out the trailer for the upcoming episodes below:

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