Nobody – Is Nobody a Secret Sequel to John Wick?

Is Nobody a Secret Sequel to John Wick?
Credit - Universal Pictures and Lionsgate

Since the first trailer released for the Bod Odenkirk action film Nobody, everybody has been comparing it to Keanu Reeves’s legendary film John Wick and theorizing that it is a secret sequel for the John Wick franchise because the screenwriter Derek Kolstad worked on both of the films.

Nobody is about a suburban man living with his kids and wife, at first he seems like a mild-mannered man but after a break-in in his house his calmness starts to fade away and a deeply buried secret starts to unravel and that secret is he worked for some dangerous people in the past as an Auditor (“the last guy anyone wants to see at their door because it meant you didn’t have long to live“) and now all of his family and his life is constantly in danger.

If that sounds familiar, that is because it is exactly like the first John Wick film minus the you know family, John’s wife died in the beginning of the film.

Is Nobody a Secret Sequel to John Wick?

Is Nobody a Secret Sequel to John Wick?
Credit – Universal Pictures

Sadly, Nobody is probably a sequel to John Wick, mostly because they are produced by different studios whereas Nobody is produced by Universal Pictures and John Wick is produced by Lionsgate.

But there are also some points that make it seems like it may be possible and the main reason for that possibility is why would Derek Kolstad plagiarize himself by writing a very similar movie to John Wick and there are also many aspects of the movie like a very organized criminal underworld.

Nobody and John Wick was written by Derek Kolstad, and he is currently working on expanding the universe of John Wick, as he writing Continental (a prequel TV series to the John Wick about the inner workings of the Continental hotels) and he has also written some episodes of the Marvel Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Nobody is coming to United States theaters on March 26, 2021, and that means the film is only five days away from release.

So, tell us in the comments would you like to see John Wick and Nobody team-up or fight against each other?

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