Horizon Zero Dawn Series in Development at Netflix

Horizon Zero Dawn Series
Credit - PlayStation

Sony has just revealed that a series adaptation of the hit PlayStation video game Horizon Zero Dawn is officially in development at Netflix. Even though it has been confirmed that a series based on Horizon Zero Dawn is in development, it has still not been made public if the series will focus on the initial game or all of the Horizon franchise including the recently released sequel game titled Horizon Forbidden West, this is because the series is still in early development and most of the details will come out as the shape of the story is developed by creators.

The announcement of the series was made during an investor briefing from Sony early this morning. While the transcript of the event is still not public, PlayStation’s Jim Ryan announced the Horizon series during a Q&A after the initial briefing. He also revealed that a God of War series is also in development at Amazon’s Prime Video and a Gran Turismo series is also in development while no specific streaming service is attached to the project yet.

The upcoming Horizon series will be joining the many upcoming adaptations of Playstation’s first-party video games. HBO is currently making a series adaptation of The Last of Us, which is currently in production and the Twisted Metal series at Peacock has also been making some casting announcements lately. A movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima is also in the works.

While there is no telling what kind of Horizon series is in the works at Netflix because it is still in the very early process of development. It is still good news for the fans of the franchise that their world is getting bigger but if looking at it historically most fans will not be pleased with the news that their favourite video game is getting turned into a series, because the recently release Paramount+ Halo has not been receiving the warmest welcome from the fans of the game.

There is no release date for the series yet and as soon as any new information comes in you can read about it at Cinemablind.

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