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What We Know About George R.R. Martin’s Netflix Movie ‘Sandkings’ So Far

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Greetings Netizens and fantasy movie lovers. Netflix has something new in store for us. A new flick coming soon for all the fantasy lovers. An adaptation from Game of Thrones novel writer George R.R. Martin‘s short story under the same name. The announcement was made by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), the veteran director himself.

Gore Verbinski unveiled his agendas in an interview with Collider:

One of the screenplays is based on a George R.R. Martin short story called Sandkings, which is this brilliant little twisted short story that I love. And I’m working with a great writer, Dennis Kelly, who wrote the original [Utopia]… The British original series is brilliant. And Dennis is doing the adaptation, so I’m kind of excited about that.”

With two veteran folks (Gore Verbinski and Dennis Kelly ) coming together, this movie seems promising and entertaining.

Production is being taken care of by John Baldacci who has been known for making The Mexican and Happy Death Day.

Another news that has spread in the air is that George R.R. Martin is nowhere connected to the upcoming flick as he has a contract already with HBO for their episodes and movies.

Sandkings – Plot?

George R.R. Martin's Netflix Movie 'Sandkings'

Netflix’s Sandkings is based on George R.R. Martin’s 1979 short story under the same name which won him an Hugo award. The official logline of the movie is:

“When Simon Kress returned to his home planet of Baldur from an offworld business trip, he was amused to find that his tank of Earth piranhas had cannibalized themselves into extinction, and of the two exotic animals that roamed his estate, only one remained. Now, in search of some new pets to satisfy his cruel pursuit of amusement, Simon finds a new shop in the city where he is intrigued by a new lifeform he has never heard of before … a collection of multi-colored sandkings. The curator explains that the insect-like animals, no larger than Simon’s fingernails, are not insects, but animals with a highly-evolved hive intelligence capable of staging wars between the different colors, and even religion–in the form of worship of their owner. The curator’s warning to Simon about the regularity of their feeding, unfortunately, was not taken seriously.”

Sandkings was also adapted in 1995 as a telefilm which served as Syfy’s The Outer Limits anthology series relaunch.

Sandkings – Cast?

Cast has still not been declared. Fans need to wait more for that.

Sandkings – Release Date?

As the production and filming status is pending, the release can’t be expected this year. It should be on air in 2022 or 2023.

Buffs, it’s time to take a ride to the fantasy land.

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