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Essential Tips for Success in Escape from Tarkov

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This game has grabbed the attention of so many gun lovers that, with so less time, it has become so famous. This game has got steep learning features. Escape from Tarkov is the best option if you enjoy gunfights and battles. 

This game has got some demanding and savage gameplay mechanics. This game is challenging for first-time shooters. With good practice, you must be skilled to aim for your targets and succeed in your raids. 

To excel in your skills, check this article – Battlelog. In this article, you will see the most important tips for success in the game. Whether experienced or new, we will show you the best ways to master your game. The tips will help you to navigate and increase your chances of survival and success. Keep reading the article and explore the best tips. 

Tips for Success in Escape from Tarkov

Many of you might question why it is so difficult to escape from Tarkov. Do not worry. Here is the answer to your question. Tarkov is quite a difficult game compared to other battlefield games. It requires tactics and strategies for long-term survival and escape. Some mechanics need to be understood by the player.

  • Realistic engagement
  • Health
  • Risks and reward
  • No mercy

The tips for your success in the gameplay play a vital role in your survival. Follow the points below to get a brief knowledge of winning the game. 

  • Move carefully

Moving is the most crucial part of the game. You have been very strategic with every movement of yours. Let your ears work first. Many times you may hear something, but you are not sure, and you keep moving, it can be a loss for you – you might get shot. Depending upon which map you are moving, make your movements fast or slow. You must be aware of other sounds like footsteps, gunshots, etc. 

  • Be violent

Fear is the strongest enemy you will find in Tarkov. Mostly all the players have impacts of fear like you do. Make a plan and be prepared before any enemy attacks you. Avoid taking a completely defensive position. This will be stressful for you. Try being in a position that creates pressure on your enemy. 

  • Loot fast

Once you kill an enemy, you try looting the resources. You gear up, and then boom – you are shot dead. Do drop your guards immediately if you have just swiped off an enemy or squad. Long-term fights also attract other fighters, which can be a major disadvantage for you. 

  • Know your place in the game

The two most dangerous places are the one with loot and one with huge traffic. Learning where to land and where to stay is a long process in Tarkov. You have to practice a lot for a longer survival in the game.

  • Practice with your guns before getting into real combats

Tarkov has a broad weapon modding system, meaning the weapons have unique features, accuracy, and range. This sounds great, but it is also an issue for the new players and those looking for something new. 

To avoid getting caught by your enemies and losing the battle – check your guns properly before getting into fights. Choose the one that suits your capability and will respond quickly when in need. 

  • Use gears to inform your decisions

When you are with your team, try being as close to them as possible. If you see any player going inside any building, don’t just go after them to kill them. Wait for the exit, and then you can perform your best fight. Avoid getting involved in small fights or fighting alone. Stay with your teammates and coordinate accordingly.


Many of you might have some other questions as well. Here we have the solution to some of your doubts.

What is the most effective way to make money in Tarkov?

You should always use your scav whenever it’s off cooldown. Use the rest of your time going on a scav run. This is the safest way to make money on Tarkov.

How hard is it to escape from Tarkov?

It is not at all easy to escape from Tarkov. Even the most experienced player will get down on their knees after a few rounds.

Which is the best loot run(place and thing) in Tarkov?

Lighthouse, shoreline, customs, wood, interchange, streets of Tarkov, reserve.


In conclusion, Tarlov is a difficult game. It will be a breathtaking experience for the first-time players. This article will teach you the best tips for escaping from Tarkov. Read the entire article for a better understanding and experience.

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