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You Season 4 – Where is Joe’s Love Taking Him Next?

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You Season 3 is available to binge-watch on Netflix right now and believe me when I tell you, you really really should. This season is doing many things differently and keeping some things the same, but most importantly this season will keep you on the edge of your seat every second because Joe has met his match and married her. In Season 3 we will be living in Madre Linda with our favorite “serial monogamist”, Love Quinn-Goldberg, and their cute son Henry Quinn-Goldberg and we will see our “normal neighbors next door, wreaking mayhem on the town while playing a game of cat and mouse of their own.

Note: There are spoilers for You Season 3 in this article.

Joe & Love – Burn it all down!

You Season 4 Where is Joe
Credit – Netflix

I won’t spoil much for you about what happens between Joe and Love in this season, but we have to talk about something in this article, so let’s have at it. Love is much more fun in this season, and more powerful than ever, there is one scene in this series that will tell you how unhinged Love really is, how she could prove to be a massive threat to Joe. Joe and Love were in this season as a murderous couple should be, they didn’t trust each other for a second and were always on their toes and looking for the next blow and where it would come from.

Joe & Marianne – The new “You”

Credit – Netflix

You will be afraid for Marianne, even though she seems to be the strongest character in the series. Marianne becomes the next girl Joe is obsessing over and everything is perfect, the creators of the series really let you believe for a second that Joe can change and he will live happily ever after with Marianne, her daughter, and Henry, but as soon as you buy the new and improved Joe, you make a fool out of yourself because Joe will never change, he can’t because Joe is a psychopath (well not really, I don’t know what he is other than a creepy guy who steels women’s underwears and kills people whole are objectively horrible.)

Joe Goldberg – Where is your new “You” taking you next?

You Season 4 Where is Joe
Credit – Netflix

After the dust settles on the events that transpired in the third season, we see Joe in a cafe, with some New Yorkers talking in the side, which hinted that the prodigal son might have returned home, but the possibility of New York is broken as soon as Joe walks out the door, and behind him is the Eiffel Tower.

Joe is in Paris now, trying to find Marianne who has disappeared with her daughter. So, tell me in the comments will he find her, will he change, or he will just find a new obsession?

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