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Wayne Season 2 – Release Date & What We Know So Far

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Where the f*ck is Wayne Season 2, WAYNE?

Wayne is a dark comedy-action series, it originally aired as a YouTube Premium Original on January 16, 2019, and with its release gained rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

So, what is happening about Wayne Season 2? We are here with some if not all answers so keep reading.

Wayne – Plot?

The show focuses on the titular character named Wayne, a 16-year-old boy who has a very strong sense of justice and he follows it even if he has to resort to violence, just after his father dies he sets out to recover a car stolen from his father years and to do that he goes on a road trip with his recent crush Del on his bike, constantly pursuing them are Del’s father Bobby and brothers Teddy and Carl, Wayne’s principal and best friend, and a Sergeant and a police officer.

Wayne Season 2 – Release Date?

Wayne Season 2
Credit – YouTube

Wayne Season 1 premiered on YouTube on January 16, 2019. But since then YouTube has taken the decision to cancel most of its scripted series. So, it was a very hard road for Wayne to get to Season 2. But almost after 2 years, Wayne found a home at Amazon Prime Vidoe on November 6, 2020, giving Wayne’s fans new hope for a Season 2.

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The series creator Shawn Simmons said while talking about season 2 that it has already been written, and the entire season has been mapped out. All they are waiting for is Amazon Prime Video’s green light to make it.

Wayne creator Simmons said in an interview with Inverse:

“The script that you have for the first episode of Season 2 is probably the best of the Wayne saga I’ve read”

If Amazon Prime Video gives the creators go ahead we can expect Wayne Season 2 to release sometime in 2022 or maybe later.

Wayne Season 2 – Cast?

Wayne Season 2
Credit – YouTube

In Wayne Season 2, Mark McKenna (Wayne) and Ciara Bravo (Del) will return after their very illegal road trip. Dean Winters (Bobby Luccetti, Del’s father) will also return alongside Jamie and Jon Champagne (Teddy and Carl, Del’s brothers).

We can also expect to return Stephen Karin as Sergeant Stephen Geller. Other returning casts could include James Earl (Officer Jay Ganetti), Mike O’Malley (Principal Tom Cole), Joshua J. Williams (Orlando Hikes), Michaela Watkins (Maureen McNulty), among others. If Wayne Season 2 is renewed it could also feature some new characters.

Wayne Season 2 – Plot (What can it be about)?

Wayne Season 2
Credit – YouTube

In the first season, Wayne and Del set out on a road trip to recover the Trans-Am that was stolen from Wayne’s father, and what follows is a series of frightful and comedic events that pull Wayne and Del closer but it ends with Wayne being taken away by the police and Del being taken away by her father and brother.

After watching the whole Season 1, it ends on a very personal moment between Wayne and Delilah in the juvenile center, as Wayne gets Delilah’s necklace out of his mouth indicating he will get her back. According to the creators Season, 2 will begin with Wayne in the juvenile center.

It will be interesting to see because if there is one thing Wayne can’t stand it is injustice, if he sees it he has to step out and fix it and we will also see how Wayne will get out of the legal system. On this issue series creator, Shawn Simmons said, “The whole season’s about Wayne trying to go straight, trying to earn back Del, and find the peace he deserves”, to Inverse”.

So are you excited about Wayne Season 2?

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