‘unDEFILED’ Trailer Reveals A Dark Thriller About Sex Trafficking & Baseball

Undefiled New Trailer Revealed
Credit - Light of Life Films

A first-look trailer for director Matt McCaulley’s new thriller film unDEFILED has just been revealed.

unDEFILED is a “sex trafficking baseball thriller” by director Matt McCaulley from a screenplay by Daniel, Matt & David McCaulley. The film follows an aging baseball player Mitch Jennings who finally gets his shot to play professional baseball but if he accepts that offer it would mean that he would be turning his back on a young sex-trafficked woman.

The thriller film stars former MLB player Bradford Haynes (Stranger Things, Paradise City), SAG award nominee Stelio Savante (Nefarious, Infidel), Cory Kays (Looking For Andrew, Lily Is Here), Kalyn Wood (Wrath and Rituals), Sharonne Lanier (Pursuit Of Freedom, Son of The South), and Zach Sale (Ambitions, Miracles From Heaven).

While a release date for unDEFILED is yet to be announced. You can check out the trailer and official synopsis for the upcoming film below:

“Struggling with an endless cycle of addiction, an aging Mitch Jennings finally gets his shot at professional baseball. But, taking that chance will mean turning his back on a team secret that may cost a young sex-trafficked victim her life.”

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