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Top Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix: The Ultimate Guide to a Fun Weekend

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Netflix has changed how we approach movies for good. Most people now prefer watching a movie at home on Netflix instead of going to all those crowded cinemas. Well, one cannot deny that Netflix provides a great cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. 

Not to mention, Netflix offers a wide variety of movies and seasons from all kinds of genres. Whether you like drama, comedy, horror, or hopeless romantic movies, you can always rely on Netflix for an extraordinary experience. In this article today, we’re going to talk about the best horror movies on Netflix. If you’re into the horror genre, you’re in for a treat as the following are the top horror movies you can watch on Netflix.

Under the Shadow

Under the Shadow
Credit: Vertical Entertainment

The first one on our list for today is Under the Shadow. Released in 2016, this interplay of horror tropes is written and directed by an Iranian-born Anvari. The movie is more of a commentary on how war and violence can damage the world more than creatures like ghosts can ever do. It smartly displays a mother-daughter duo that is possessed during the historical War in Tehran in the 1980s. While the falling bombs don’t get them, supernatural things do. 

The Ring

The Ring 2002
Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

Ranking second is the Ring. It’s one of the old horror movies and Hollywood is obsessed with it even today. It’s a riveting version of the old film Ringu from 1998. It brings along a cursed videotape to the screen. In the movie, anyone who sees that videotape is killed within the next seven days. As the movie moves forward, it gets scarier and scarier, leaving people afraid and frozen for days.

The Rental

New Movies on Netflix
Credit – IFC FIlms

Up next is The Rental. It’s another great horror movie that’s available on Netflix. It’s pretty new compared to the two mentioned above. It was released in 2020 just three years ago. Directed by Dave Franco, the movie was his debut. It’s about a couple that moves into an Airbnb rental house and immediately senses that something isn’t right. Even though it starts from what looks like a relationship drama, it ends up with everything supernatural and super scary. 


Psycho 1960
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Ranking Fourth is a pretty old movie, Psycho. It’s from 1960; however, it’s still relevant and scares Jesus out of people. Not to mention, it has held up better than any other horror movie in history. It reshaped the entire cinema experience for people and because of its influence, the genres of thrillers and horror movies have changed for good.

The Perfection

Best LGBTQ Movies on Netflix
Credit – Netflix

The Perfection is another relatively new horror movie on Netflix. Released in 2019, it features the Girls and Get Out star Allison Williams in a turning and twisting story of a young, ambitious woman who travels to China where she meets a competitor and gets played. It may come off as a little boring in the beginning but it becomes a roller coaster ride after its first half and takes its viewers by storm as it gets to the festival scene. 

The Nun

The Nun 2 Begins Filming
Credit – Warner Bros.

The Nun, belonging to The Conjuring family, is one of the best horror movies on Netflix. It takes you back to the abyss of Romania that is anything but holy. In this movie, a young woman who hasn’t taken her vows yet and a priest as well as a common man from the nearby village are found in the abyss of Romania solving one of the oldest and biggest mysteries in the world of Christianity. If anything, it will keep you scared for days. Also, its sequel will be here soon, so brace yourselves. 


Found Footage Horror Movies on Netflix
Credit – Netflix

Ranking seventh is Creep. Though you might be a little tired of the found footage genre, I guarantee that this one is different. In fact, it’s an excellent one. In this movie, a man who has a brain tumor hires a videographer to record his final days of life. What looks like a simple videography of someone who’s soon to die is actually a lot more than that as the videographer finds out that his subject has a lot of dark, dirty secrets. The movie has a second part, too, which is also available on Netflix. 

In Case You Can’t Find One on Netflix…

Before we wind it up, let’s agree with the fact that Netflix has different libraries for different states. Just because a movie is available on American Netflix doesn’t mean it will be available in the European region as well. Thus, in case you cannot find any of the movies mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about it. It must not be available in your Netflix library. However, the good thing is that you can still watch it.

All you need to do is download and install a VPN. It will change your location and hide your IP address, allowing you to access Netflix libraries for other states as well. Not to forget, it will make the entire experience safe for you. Many people these days use PIA VPN for safe watching. If you want one, you should try the same.

In Conclusion: 

Horror movies are super fun. They’re great in a way that they take you away from the worries of daily life. You know as well the story is fictional or even if it’s real, it’s long sorted. Either way, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all fun and a great time-pass.

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