The Pro – (Prostitute turned Superhero) Paramount Confirms a Feature Film!!!

The Pro
Credit - Image Comics

The Pro is a comic book that first came out in 2002, it is about a prostitute who gets powers from an alien named The Viewer. The Pro is written by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti and it is penciled by Amanda Conner, and Image Comics holds the right to it.

In total, there are only editions ever published of The Pro. Paramount made a deal with Image Comics to make a feature film on it in 2017 and after that, The Pro has been in trend ever since. Many new readers are loving the inappropriate nature of the comic and its parody-like characters.

The Pro has its superhero team just like the Justice League, actually precisely just like it instead of Batman and Robin there is The Knight and The Square and they are gay, instead of Superman there is The Saint, and Wonder Woman becomes The Lady, Green Lantern becomes The Lime, and Flash becomes Speedo. It’s supposedly a parody of Justice League and it’s a hell of a good one.

The Pro is in the early production stages at Paramount Pictures that’s why there is no release date or cast announcement yet, but Zoe McCarthy does the screenwriting.