‘The Killing Vote’ New Teaser Reveals a Masked Killer

The Killing Vote New Teaser Dog Mask
Credit - SBS

SBS has just shared another explosive teaser from their upcoming thriller series The Killing Vote. The Killing Vote revolves around a mysterious person known as Gae Tal, who executes the result of the death penalty vote. We will also see the cat-and-mouse game as the police try to hunt Gae Tal. The mystery behind the voting system and Gae Tal is the main hook of the upcoming drama.

The Killing Vote’s latest teaser begins with every South Korean citizen receiving a text message asking them to vote in favor or against the execution of a man named Bae Gi Chul, who is guilty of child pornography. Once the time given for gathering votes is over, Dog Mask executes his form of justice based on the votes. The teaser also shows us Kim Moo Chan and Joo Hyun hunting down Dog Mask.

The Killing Vote New Teaser
Credit – SBS

Based on a popular Kakao webtoon of the same name, the upcoming Korean drama poses a question and an idea in front of us, that being “What is your idea of justice?” The series will take us to a world where nationwide death penalty votes will take place for the criminals who escaped the system.

The series has a wonderful cast including Lim Ji Yeon as Joo Hyeon, Park Hae Jin as Kim Moo-chan, and Park Sung Woong as Kwon Seok-Joo. In the supporting roles, we will see Kim Yoo-mi, Kim Kwon, Choi Yu-Hwa, Go Geon-han, and Shin Jung-Geun.

The Killing Vote is all set to premiere on August 10 at 9 pm KST on the South Korean television network SBS. The international streaming availability of the series is yet to be announced. Check out the new teaser below:

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