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‘Silo’ Season 2 – What to Expect? (Season 1 Ending Explained)

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Apple TV+ has proven once again that they are here to stay in the streaming wars not through the number of shows and movies in their library but by their quality. The latest hit series by Apple TV+ is Silo, which recently aired its Season 1 finale. The sci-fi series is based on a trilogy of novels by Hugh C. Howey and it was adapted for television by Graham Yost, who delivered a brilliant first season for the fans of the books and newcomers. Silo boasts of a great ensemble cast including Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols, Rashida Jones as Allison, David Oyelowo as Holston Becker, Tim Robbins as Bernard Holland, Common as Robert Sims, Iain Glen as Dr. Pete Nichols, Harriet Walter as Martha Walker, and Avi Nash as Lukas.

The ending of the first season of Silo is left pretty open-ended, with plenty of the character’s fate up in the air. Silo ends on a massive cliffhanger that surely no newcomer expected, and it sets up an even more explosive second season. So, let’s find out what the fans of the series can expect from Silo Season 2?

What does Juliette find after getting out of the Silo?

Silo Season 1 Review
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The main mystery of the Silo was always about what was outside of it, and throughout the series, we all thought that some mysterious power inside the Silo are hiding something big about the outside, which was the truth but not the truth we thought it was. In many scenes of the series, we see the characters who got out can see green grass and life which was the complete opposite of what the people living inside of the Silo can see. But that completely changed when it was revealed that the greener pastures were just a clip that was running inside the helmet of the people who got out and when Juliette is forced to take a deal in which she has to exit the Silo and “clean.” We all thought she was going to find life outside but as soon as she gets outside we saw that the hope of a life outside was always a lie and Juliette only survived the toxic air outside because of the tape on her suit which stopped the poisonous air from getting inside. Instead of greener pastures, Juliette finds something completely unexpected which is even more Silos.

What does the existence of more Silos mean for Season 2?

Silo Season 2
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When Juliette reaches the top of the hill we see that there are several more Silos with probably more people in them. More Silos could mean that there could be whole new stories in Season 2, which could later emerge with the main storyline from Season 1, but the chances of that happening are a bit low. How the existence of more Silos will affect the story is pretty much impossible to guess but what we can say for sure is that we will get to see some new faces in the upcoming season which could potentially turn out to be even a more significant threat than the toxic air. After Juliette gets out we see the real world that exists outside of the Silo and it seems to be even more dangerous than anybody from inside of the Silo could have thought. We see a surface littered with similar to the one Juliette just emerged from and a city that could be in ruins or it could be an above-ground civilization.

What could be inside of the City we see in the final moments of Silo Season 1 finale?

Silo Season 2
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The existence of more Silos was enough of a twist to keep the audience engaged until Season 2, but creator Yost ended up setting up potentially something even bigger. In the final moments of Season 1 of Silo, we see a city skyline on the distant horizon which does raise many questions about what could be inside it. There are too many possibilities to discuss them all here and now but the coolest way to go would surely be an above-ground civilization that is evil in some ways.

Who from Silo Season 1 could return in Season 2?

Silo Season 2
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Ferguson as Juliette Nichols seems to be a lock for Season 2 of Silo, but other than her every character’s fate is very uncertain, as it could go both ways. We could see two different storylines including the one about what is happening inside the Silo after the events of the finale and what is happening with Juliette after she gets out. If we see the story inside the Silo continuing we could see the return of Dr. Pete Nichols (Juliette’s father), Martha Walker, and Lukas Kyle.

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