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10 Best Shows Like ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ To Watch If You Love the K-Drama

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Welcome to Samdal-ri is a slice-of-life romantic comedy-drama series created by Kwon Hye-joo. The Netflix K-drama series is set on Jeju Island and the story revolves around Jo Yong-pil and Jo Sam-dal, who get separated because of their dreams but in adulthood, they meet once again when Jo Sam-dal returns to her hometown and reconnect with Jo Yong-pil. Welcome to Samdal-ri stars Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun in the lead roles of Jo Yong-pil and Jo Sam-dal. So, if you loved the Netflix K-drama series here are some similar shows you could watch next.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (Netflix)

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Credit – Netflix

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a superhit romantic K-drama series whose plot resembles Welcome to Samdal-ri. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha revolves around a dentist, who moves to her quiet seaside hometown after an incident in the city. In her town, she becomes quite close to the village’s go-to handyman who is always up for helping the village residents.

When the Weather Is Fine (Netflix & Viki)

Shows Like Welcome to Samdal ri
Credit – Netflix

When the Weather is Fine is a slice-of-life romantic K-drama and it follows the story of a Cellist Hae Won, who decides to leave Seoul after some unfortunate experiences. She moves to her quiet country town where she meets Eun Seop, an independent bookstore owner. Over time both Hae Won and Eun Seop start getting attracted to each other. This K-drama also has many resemblances to Welcome to Samdal-ri, such as it has a character who is leaving the city to move to a small town where she finds someone from her childhood.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (Netflix)

Shows Like Welcome to Samdal ri
Credit – Netflix

Enjoy another K-Drama with some of the cutest and heartwarming moments all in a quiet town. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol revolves around a very talented pianist who loses everything including all of her money and soon-to-be husband. She starts her new life in a small village with a piano academy and by accident she also meets a hard-working part-timer who is willing to let her borrow money from him until she starts making her own. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol comes from the writer of the wildly popular K-Drama Shopping King Louis and it stars Go A-ra and Lee Jae-wook in the lead roles.

Lovestruck in the City (Netflix)

Shows Like Welcome to Samdal ri
Credit – Netflix

Starring Welcome to Samdal-ri’s Ji Chang-wook in the lead role of another hopeless romantic, this K-drama titled Lovestruck in the City revolves around six young adults as they try to find love in their fast-paced city lives. Lovestruck in the City mainly follows the story of Park Jae-won, an architect and a self-proclaimed romantic who meets a free-spirited young woman and thinks that he has finally found “The One.” But problems arise when the girl runs away with his camera without giving him any clue to find her.

Virgin River (Netflix)

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Credit – Netflix

Virgin River has to be one of the most wholesome and feel-good series that is still running. The Netflix original series is created by Sue Tenney and it is based on a novel series of the same name by Robyn Carr. The Netflix series follows the story of Melinda Monroe, who starts working as a midwife and nurse practitioner in a remote Northern California town named Virgin River after seeing an ad. She went to Virgin River in the hopes of letting go of some painful memories from her past and also to get a fresh start in a quiet town but she soon finds out that living in a small isn’t as easy as she thought. Virgin River also packs emotional beats as Welcome to Samdal-ri and that’s why we think that the lovers of the K-drama will enjoy this long-running Netflix series.

Once Upon a Small Town (Netflix)

Shows Like Welcome to Samdal ri
toCredit – Netflix

Just as its name suggests, this K-drama gives us a story set in a small rural town. Once Upon a Small Town revolves around a city veterinarian, who moves to a small town against his wishes to take over his grandfather’s practice. There he meets a policewoman, who helps him become familiar with the town’s people. Once Upon a Small has many similar beats to Welcome to Samdal-ri such as a small town story with a character who doesn’t want to be there and the other character who is an integral part of the town and an eventual romance between the both of them.

Hart of Dixie (Prime Video)

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Credit – The CW

Hart of Dixie is one of those shows that you will watch just because of the comfort and giggles it provides with its characters and storylines. Starring The O.C.’s famed Rachel Bilson in the lead role of Dr. Zoe Hart, The CW series follows the story of Dr. Hart, who is an aspiring heart surgeon in the city, but after an unfortunate incident at her work. Now, to secure an important fellowship, she decides to take the job of a general practitioner in BlueBell, Alabama offered to her by a mysterious southern country doctor. Hart of Dixie packs the same feel-good and romantic elements you will find in Welcome to Samdal-ri and that’s why it is such a perfect fit for this list.

Our Beloved Summer (Netflix)

Shows Like Welcome to Samdal ri
Credit – Netflix

This K-drama has to be one of the biggest hits in recent years with its heart-touching storyline, great characters, and just because of the enjoyment and the feel-good rush it gives to the viewers. Our Beloved Summer revolves around two ex-sweethearts, who starred in a documentary during their high school years. When the documentary goes viral they must reunite to stand in front of the camera once again with each other but this time will they work out their feeling for each other or will they go their separate ways? Our Beloved Summer is similar to Welcome to Samdal-ri in some aspects such as reuniting lovers and a painful breakup that is still in their minds.

Ginny & Georgia (Netflix)

Ginny & Georgia Season 2
Credit – Netflix

While this Netflix original series isn’t as similar to Welcome to Samdal-ri as some of the other titles on this list. It does have some similar themes such as starting a new life and putting their roots down in a new place. Ginny & Georgia revolves around an angsty teen named Ginny and her mother Georgia, who move to New England to get a new start. Georgia is hoping to give her daughter and son a normal life, something she hasn’t been able to do but things don’t go as planned because Georgia’s past once again catches up to her.

Everwood (Prime Video)

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Credit – The WB

Everwood is another series that packs in all of the elements you love in Welcome in Samdal-ri, such as a small-town story about a character who is having difficulty fitting into it. The feel-good series revolves around Dr. Andrew Brown and his children who move to a small town in the Rocky Mountains after suffering a tremendous loss. There Dr. Brown opens up a new hospital while also starting a rivalry with the town doctor and kids try to find their place in a completely new place while also dealing with an insurmountable grief.

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