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“Russian Doll” Season 2: New Character and Renewed for Season 2

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“Doesn’t matter. I die all the time.”

Netflix’s Original comedy-drama series “Russian Doll” is created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland.

One of the best Netflix Original Series of 2019, Russian Doll, end of March 2020 has been started filming for season 2 but due to COVID reason it is delayed and also they have to reschedule. This March 2021 Russian Doll again start filming, Here is Everything We Know About this NetFlix series.

Russian Doll: Release Date And Production

Current Production Status: It is scheduled to start in March 2021. (12 Feb 2021)

July 2019, (interview with Deadline) Lyonne say that season second of this series has not been written

Lyonne said:

“Amy and I were hanging out the other day, and it’s early days. We’re not in the room yet in any official way, but I will say that it does not become a show about dating in New York or anything like that—and no shade on those shows, but that’s not this show,”

On March 30th, 2020, Netflix’s Russian Doll begin filming according to its schedule but as New York badly infected with Coronavirus so, they have to postponed and canceled.

And now, Feb 2021, ProductionWeekly revealed that production has been begun on 1st March 2021 and once again start filming it in New York City.

There is a New Character In the Second Season of Russian Doll

In September 2020, Daniel Richtman (Patreon user) posted about a new main character for season 2 of Russian Doll, here are details about the new character (Note: This is Not Official Confirmed)

“New main character for the season. He’s a male love interest role, charming, but tums out to be a hustler/con artist type. He’s being described to us as a “young Benicio Del Toro” type, and Natasha is envisioning names like Oscar Isaac or Andre Holland.”

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