Rick and Morty Live-Action Promo Shows Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez

Rick and Morty Live-Action Promo
Credit - Adult Swim

Adult Swim has just revealed a live-action scene of Rick and Morty, which stars Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez and It star Jaeden Martell as Morty. For Rick and Morty fans everywhere this is a very awesome moment because Rick and Morty are heavily inspired by the Back to the Future franchise and Rick was inspired by Christopher Lloyd‘s character Dr. Emmett Brown and also the scene’s name has an easter egg which connects it to the Rick and Morty’s comic books.

The scene which was revealed on Twitter, shows Lloyd coming out of a portal and Martell coming after him. Then Lloyd says “Morty, we’re home,” belching in the middle of the sentence and doing the best impression of drunk Rick.

Rick and Morty Live-Action Promo
Credit – Adult Swim

Adult Swim posted the scene with the caption “C-132,” which is the designation of the Oni Press’s Rick and Morty comics’ first two volumes. The live-action clip is also more interesting because it shows one of the differences between the animated series and the comics in which Rick-132 doesn’t like to time travel that much in the comics.

Rick and Morty Season 5 has ten episodes in total, and they are a part of the 70 episode order given by Adult Swim after they renewed the acclaimed series in 2018. Season 5 debuted on Adult Swim on June 20, with the weekly release of episodes every Sunday. But the creators are making fans wait for the season finale which is coming out on September 5 after taking a break on August 8.

Check out the clip of the live-action promo:

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