Overlord Season 4 – What is the Storyline? (Release Date)

Credit – Madhouse
Overlord is a Japanese anime adaptation based on the Light novel series written Kugane Mayurama and illustrated by So-Bin. Overlord series was adapted by the animation studio Madhouse and has aired its three seasons yet. The first season of Overlord was premiered in 2015, and the second season was released in early 2018 and the third premiered later that year.
It has been a while since we have got a new Overlord season and that’s why fans are eager to watch the rest of the story.

Overlord Season 4 – Premiere Date

Credit – Madhouse

Yukie Sugwara, Overlord’s screenwriter stated that there are plans for a fourth season at AnimagiC 2019 in Germany. But the studio still hasn’t greenlit the new season and that’s why there is no set premiere date or even speculation because of Corona Virus pandemic it may come out in 2021 but if you want it in 2020 your hope might not come true and there is a very big chance of that.

Overlord Season 4 – Storyline?

Credit – Madhouse

As we saw at the end of season 3 that Ainz had found the Sorcerer’s Kingdom with Albedo and the other NPC’s also pledging their alliance to him. However, Ainz will have difficulty maintaining this huge kingdom all by himself, and that”s why Albedo steps in as his right hand.

Overlord Season 4 will probably see Albedo training the Elder Liches as public officials of the Sorcerer Kingdom, she will also become more involved in the public affairs and politics if it is based on Volume 10 of the Light Novel.

Overlord Season 4 – Cast?

The cast members that are most likely to return for season 4 are Yumi Hara, Satoshi Hino, Masayuki Katou, Manami Numakura and Sumire Uesaka.

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