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No One Will Save You – Maude’s Character Explained

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Maude is a very important character in the new sci-fi horror film No One Will Save You. While it appears only for a brief time on screen, in reality, the whole film centers around an incident that involves Maude and the film’s central character Brynn.

No One Will Save You is a new Hulu film written and directed by Brian Duffield. The sci-fi horror film follows the story of Brynn, a seamstress who is leading a solitary in her departed parents’ house. One night when she is attacked by aliens in her own home, she has to fight for her survival while her trauma from the past comes bubbling up again. In the film, the younger and older version of Maude is played by Evangeline Rose and Darry Linn Griffin, while Kaitlyn Dever plays the role of Brynn.

We are first introduced to Maude when Brynn starts writing a letter intended for her and later it is revealed that she is Brynn’s best friend from childhood. At the beginning of the film, we also see Brynn hiding from an elderly couple outside of the cemetery.

No One Will Save You Maude
Credit – 20th Century Fox

The couple makes another appearance in the film when Brynn tries to inform the police of the alien invasion. As soon as Brynn opens the gate to the police station she comes face to face with the couple she was trying to avoid earlier, and they don’t seem very pleased to see her as the woman looks at Brynn with anger and disgust and straight up spits on her face. Soon after Brynn visited the grave of Maude Collins.

There are many references to Maude in the film but we only see a photo from Brynn and Maude’s childhood and we never actually see the character on screen. That changes when the alien creature goes inside Brynn’s mouth and she wakes up thinking that all of the terror from the night before was just and nightmare.

When Brynn heads downstairs she sees a girl coming in from the front gate, but we aren’t able to see her clearly because of the light. As Maude heads towards her, we see Brynn breaking down and Maude trying to comfort her and then Brynn apologizes to her for some time, indicating that she has wronged her in some way in the past.

No One Will Save You Maude
Credit – 20th Century Fox

In the climax of No One Will Save You, we finally get the truth behind Maude’s death. When aliens see Brynn’s Trauma we see that in their teen years, Brynn and Maude were fighting in the jungle, and Maude pushed Brynn down. In a moment of anger, Brynn picks up a rock and smashes it on Maude’s head.

The scene between Maude and Brynn finally explains why everyone in the town hates Brynn, and it also explains why is Brynn so wracked with guilt and leads such a lonely life.

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