‘Moving’ – Episode Guide (When Will the New Episodes Air?)

Moving Episode Guide
Credit - Disney+

Moving is quickly becoming a fan favorite on Disney+. The Korean superhero drama series is based on a popular webtoon of the same name by Kang Full, he is also the creator behind the Disney+ adaptation. Directed by Park In-je and Park Younseo, Moving is filled with action, teen drama, and heartwrenching moments that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Moving tells the story of three high super-powered school students, who inherited their powers from their parents. While they try to hide their powers their parents try to make sure that other people don’t use them for their powers. But all of their efforts are in vain because a very dangerous fight is just ahead of them.

Moving – Episode Guide (When are the Episodes Coming Out?)

Moving Episode Guide
Credit – Disney+

Moving doesn’t have a very easy episode guide as Disney+ has decided to release the episode in a complicated way. The first season of the K-drama series has twenty episodes in total with the first seven episodes releasing in August, and then two episodes coming out every week before the three episodes finale. You can check out the Episode Guide for the first season of Moving below:

  • Episode 1 “Senior Year” – August 9
  • Episode 2 “Booyang: Family Support, Levitation” – August 9
  • Episode 3 “1+1” – August 9
  • Episode 4 “The Secret” – August 9
  • Episode 5 “Recall” – August 9
  • Episode 6 “Bungaeman” – August 9
  • Episode 7 ” The Stranger” – August 9
  • Episode 8 “Black” – August 16
  • Episode 9 “Humanists” – August 16
  • Episode 10 “The Monster” – August 23
  • Episode 11 “Romanticist” August 23
  • Episode 12 “Partners” – August 30
  • Episode 13 “Jang Ju-won” – August 30
  • Episode 14 “The Idiot” – September 6
  • Episode 15 “N.T.D.P.” – September 6
  • Episode 16 – September 13
  • Episode 17 – September 13
  • Episode 18 – September 20
  • Episode 19 – September 20
  • Episode 20 – September 20

Moving – Cast & Characters (Who is in It & Who are they Playing?)

Moving Episode Guide
Credit – Disney+

Moving main cast includes Ryu Seung-ryong as Jang Ju-won, Han Hyo-joo as Lee Mi-hyun, Zo In-Sung as Kim Doo-sik, Cha Tae-hyun as Jeon Gye-do, Kim Joon as young Jeon Gye-do, Ryoo Seung-bum as Frank, Kim Tar-yul as young Frank, Kim Sung-kyun as Lee Jae-man, Lee Jung-ha as Kim Bong-seok, Han Chang-min as young Kim Bong-seok, Go Youn-jung as Jang Hui-soo, Park Soo-ah as young Jang Hui-soo, Kim Do-hoon as Lee Gang-hoon, and Kim Si-woo as young Lee Gang-hoon.

Moving – Trailer & Plot? (What is it About?)

Children with superpowers and their parents with painful pasts face enormous dangers together.