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10 Action Movies Like ‘Silent Night’ To Watch If You Loved the John Woo Film

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Silent Night is an action-thriller film directed by John Woo, from a screenplay by Robert Archer Lynn. The Christmas-themed film revolves around a man who witnesses the murder of his young son when he gets caught in the crossfire of two rival gangs. On that day, the man was also injured and he lost his voice because of that. Now, he is on the path of revenge and is trying to kill everyone involved. Silent Night stars Joel Kinnaman in the role with Kid Cudi, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Harold Torres in supporting roles. So, if you love the most silent action movie here are some similar movies you could watch next.

Kaabil (Hulu)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd

Kaabil is a Hindi-language film from India. Directed by Sanjay Gupta and starring Hrithik Roshan in the lead role of Rohan, the action thriller film follows the story of Rohan, who despite being blind leads a pleased and optimistic life filled with love, but when his wife commits suicide because of an assault. He goes on a path of revenge killing everyone who harmed her. Kaabil has many similarities to Silent Night, mainly in its leads who are both differently-abled characters who seek revenge for losing their loved ones.

Taken 3 (Max & Prime Video Add-On)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – 20th Century Fox

Liam Neeson takes on the role of ex-covert operative Bryan Mills once again in the third entry of the Taken film series. This time he is being pursued by the CIA, FBI, and the police as they all suspect him for the murder of his ex-wife. He must go on the run to save himself and his daughter from the actual criminals but hasn’t forgotten what he has lost and for that, he finds the people responsible and kills them one by one. This was the last Taken film and the last time Neeson played the character of Bryan Mills and that’s why it has a big significance for action movie fans. While it doesn’t have many similarities to John Woo’s latest venture, it shows a character going on the path of revenge.

The Man from Nowhere (Netflix, Prime Video & Peacock)

Best Movies Like John Wick
Credit – CJ Entertainment

This Korean thriller film is known worldwide as one of the best action movies ever made. The Man from Nowhere revolves around Tae-sik, a widower with a mysterious who leads a quiet life but when a young girl he befriended gets kidnapped by a criminal gang, he must kill and maim anyone who is even thinking of harming her. In the process of getting his friend back, he breaks every law imaginable and doesn’t shy away from brutally killing the people involved. The Man from Nowhere sees a man going to extreme lengths to save a child and while in Silent Night, the main character had already lost his son. This is a perfect film for the people who want to see justice being executed on the people who think of harming children.

Payback (Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Paramount Pictures

Directed by Brian Helgeland, Payback is an action-thriller film starring Mel Gibson in the lead role of Porter. The 1999 film follows the story of Porter, a thief who is betrayed by both his wife and partner who leave him for dead after shooting him in the back after a heist. Payback sees him recovering from the gunshot going after everyone who harmed him to get his money back, but to do that he must take on a dangerous criminal syndicate. While not similar to Silent Night in any way, Payback does see its character recovering from a wound while having nothing but revenge on their minds.

I Saw the Devil (Peacock, Prime Video Add-On, Pluto TV & Tubi)

Movies Like Luther The Fallen Sun

I Saw the Devil is one of the most violent and gruesome movies you will ever see in your life. Directed by Kim Jee-woon, the Korean film is a revenge saga that is hauntingly tragic and brutal in its violence. I Saw the Devil follows a dangerous psychopath who kills for pleasure and an elite special agent Soo-hyun, whose pregnant fiancée was killed by the same psychopath. Consumed by revenge Soo-Hyun tracks the monster and instead of turning him in to the authorities he executes his revenge on him again and again with brutal beatings, but he doesn’t kill him so that he can find him again do the same thing over and over. This film blurs the lines between good and evil and it also makes you question the notion of revenge.

Death Wish (Prime Video, MGM+ & Paramount+)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Paramount Pictures

A very controversial addition to this otherwise straightforward action flicks list is Death Wish. Directed by Michael Winner, this film about urban violence and vigilantism sees an ordinary citizen being turned into a vigilante who commits violence against thugs. Paul Kersey was an ordinary citizen until some thugs broke into his house murdered his wife and sexually assaulted his daughter. This traumatic experience changes Paul overnight as he roams the mean streets of New York to find muggers and miscreants alike to execute his vengeance on them. Death Wish isn’t as similar to Silent Night as we would like it to be but in both of the films, the protagonist goes from leading an ordinary life to becoming a vigilante filled with rage after a traumatic experience.

Law Abiding Citizen (Max & Prime Video Add-On)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Overture Films

Starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox, Law Abiding Citizen is a brutal and violent saga of revenge and consequences. Directed by F. Gary Gray the film revolves around a prosecuting attorney who is threatened by a psychopathic mastermind. He demands his freedom or innocent people will start dying all over the city, the prosecuting attorney refuses to meet his demands and innocent people start dying in horrific ways all over the city. While, on paper, Law Abiding Citizen has nothing in common with Silent Night as you start getting to know the story of the film, it has many similar themes you loved in Silent Night.

The Brave One (Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Warner Bros.

The Brave One is pretty similar to Death Wish and in turn, Silent Night, as it also has a protagonist who has lost a loved one and now they have turned to vigilantism to fulfill their mission of vengeance. Starring Jodie Foster in the lead role, The Brave One revolves around Erica Bain, a popular radio host who watched her fiancé die and nearly lost her own life in a random but brutal attack. Now, she starts questioning herself and becomes an armed vigilante who roams the streets at night purging the goons from our society.

The Punisher (Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Lions Gate Films

Based on a character from Marvel Comics, The Punisher is a dark action film and it revolves around FBI agent Frank Castle, who lost the life of his wife, son, and nearly his own in a hit ordered by a crime lord named Howard Saint. Following his recovery Frank Castle becomes a vengeful vigilante who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his family. The Punisher, while being a part of the Marvel Comics is still a very violent character who fits perfectly in this list of movies in which the protagonist has to exact his vengeance on the people who killed their loved ones.

Badlapur (Prime Video Add-On)

Movies Like Silent Night
Credit – Maddock Films

Badlapur is a Hindi-language film from India. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, the crime thriller film revolves around Raghu, an ordinary man who loses his wife and son during a bank robbery. Now, he is filled with rage and leaves no stone unturned to find the people responsible and exact his twisted revenge on them. The film is based on Death’s Dark Abyss by Italian writer Massimo Carlotto and it stars Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi, and Yami Gautam in the lead roles.

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