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10 Best Movies Like ‘Saltburn’ To Watch If You Loved the Film

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Saltburn is a dark comedy psychological thriller written and directed by Emerald Fennell. The acclaimed director’s second film revolves around Oliver who is invited to his eccentric classmate’s estate for the summer holidays. Saltburn is part dark comedy, part erotic thriller, and part psychological drama. Saltburn stars Barry Keoghan in the lead role of Oliver, with Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, Carey Mulligan, Alison Oliver, Archie Madekwe, Ewan Mitchell, and Richard E. Grant in supporting roles. So, if you loved Saltburn, here are some similar movies you could watch next.

A Simple Favor (Netflix & Rent on Prime Video)

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Credit – Lionsgate

Directed by Paul Feig, this suspense thriller film titled A Simple Favor revolves around Stephanie, a mommy vlogger who desperately wants to uncover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her friend Emily. Starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in the lead roles of Stephanie and Emily, the film has some exceptional twists and moments of betrayal that will bring your jaw to the floor while they are unfolding. A Simple Favor has a very different story from Saltburn but they both have the same kind of moody thriller vibe which the Saltburn fans will enjoy.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (Max & Prime Video Add-On)

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Credit – A24

This A24 film titled The Killing of a Sacred Deer sees Barry Keoghan playing a very similar character to his role of Oliver in Saltburn. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, the film revolves around Dr. Steven Murphy and his family including his ophthalmologist wife Anna and two exceptional children. Steven has secretly taken Martin, a fatherless teen under his wing but what he doesn’t know is that Martin has some dark ulterior motives that will ruin the happy family bliss he has been living in. To put The Killing of a Sacred Deer in a single genre is a hard task as it has elements of dark comedy, psychological thriller, tragedy, and horror.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (Rent on Prime Video)

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The Talented Mr. Ripley is quite similar to Saltburn in many of its aspects, which you will find out after watching the film. Starring Matt Damon, Jude Law, and Gwyneth Paltrow in the lead roles, this erotic thriller follows a charismatic sociopath named Tom Ripley as he inserts himself in the life of Dickie Greenleaf to convince him to return to America upon Dickie’s father’s request who is a shipping tycoon. Dickie is leading a luxurious life with his beautiful girlfriend living on the coast of Italy. As Tom starts becoming Dickie’s friend, he realizes that he is much more attracted to Dickie’s lifestyle than the $1000 Dickie’s father offered when he brings him back to America. To take over Dickie’s life Tom impulsively murders him and starts impersonating Dickie Greenleaf. The film is based on the first book of the novel series by Patricia Highsmith.

Parasite (Max & Prime Video Add-On)

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Credit – NEON

Parasite was a worldwide phenomenon upon its release in 2019. Directed by the immensely talented Bong Joon-ho (Snowpiercer) the Korean film revolves around the wealthy Park family and the poor Kim family who work for them. The Academy Award Winner film follows the unusual relationship between the two families and it inspects themes of greed and classism through its characters and brilliantly written story. Parasite is on this list because it has many similar themes and character traits you will find in Saltburn.

Triangle of Sadness (Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)

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Credit – NEON

Directed by Ruben Östlund, Triangle of Sadness is a black comedy film that sees the social hierarchy turned upside down and while it does not have many similarities with Saltburn, it is an entertaining watch with some similar themes. Triangle of Sadness is set on a luxury cruise where we see a celebrity couple, an unhinged boat captain, snobby rich passengers, and the staff who have to deal with them. The journey is cut short when the luxury cruise goes under leaving the survivors on a deserted island to fight for their lives.

The Menu (Rent on Prime Video)

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Credit – Searchlight Pictures

The Menu is another dark comedy thriller film with a very simple theme, which is to eat the rich. Quite similar to Saltburn in its portrayal of out-of-touch rich people, The Menu mainly revolves around a couple who travel to an island to eat at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world. Where the meal is cooked by a reclusive chef who has prepared some of the most lavish dishes for his guests but what the couple doesn’t know is that the chef has some ulterior motives. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Nicholas Hoult in the lead roles, The Menu is directed by Succession‘s Mark Mylod.

Maurice (Tubi & Rent on Prime Video)

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Credit – Merchant Ivory Productions

Maurice is a bit different from other titles in this list, as it is much more of a romantic drama than an erotic thriller but like Saltburn, it shows us a character that has not yet come to terms with his own identity. Based on a novel of the same name by E.M. Forster, the 1987 British film revolves around the relationship between Maurice Hall and Clive Durham, as they face disapproval and misunderstanding from society and struggle to come to terms with their sexuality. Maurice stars James Wilby and Hugh Grant in the lead roles of Maurice and Clive.

Call Me By Your Name (Prime Video)

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Credit – Sony Pictures Classics

Call Me By Your Name is wildly different from Saltburn in every aspect imaginable, but it is still on this list because it captures the similar feeling of longing that Oliver has in Saltburn. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, this romantic drama is set in the summer of 1983 and it revolves around a 17-year-old boy named Elio Perlman who spends his days transcribing and playing classical music in their 17th-century villa in Italy. His life soon changes when he meets Oliver, an American doctoral student who’s there to work as an intern for Elio’s father. Call Me By Your Name is one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking films and as a bonus, we see some of the most beautiful places in Italy on our screen.

Cruel Intentions (Prime Video & Plex)

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Credit – Sony Pictures

Cruel Intentions is one of the most popular and erotic films on this list, and its themes of seduction and betrayal fit perfectly into the list of movies like Saltburn. The 1999 film by Roger Kumble starring Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillippe revolves around a wager between two rich manipulative teenage step-siblings Kathryn and Sebastian. The wager is that Sebastian has to seduce Annette and sleep with her because she wrote an article in the Seventeen Magazine that she intends to stay a virgin until she marries her boyfriend.

Promising Young Woman (Peacock & Rent on Prime Video)

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Credit – Focus Features

From the director of Saltburn, Emerald Fennell this is another dark and moody thriller starring Carrey Mulligan in the lead role. Promising Young Woman revolves around a promising young woman until a horrific event derails her whole life. Because of her past Cassie now leads a secret double life but an unexpected encounter from the past gives her the chance to exact her revenge on the people who wronged her. If you have seen Promising Young Woman, then you might be a bit disappointed in Saltburn as it was such a great film and Fennell’s new outing seems a bit muddled. But if you loved Saltburn, you will surely enjoy Promising Young Woman.

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