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Omar Sy Revealed ‘Lupin’ Part 3 Started Filming

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Credit - Netflix

Netflix’s mega-hit series Lupin has finally started production on its third part. The good news was revealed by the lead star of the series Omar Sy himself by Twitter. Sy posted a photo of himself overlooking the vista and skyline of Paris, and this is what he said in the tweet:

Here, it is (always) Paris! Lupine, Part 3, filming in progress.

Feels good being home! Lupine, Part 3, now in production.

Lupin Part 3 Started Filming
Credit – Netflix

Lupin is a thriller heist series, and it tells the story of a very gifted and brilliant thief Assane Diop (Sy), who goes by the name of Lupin, the gentleman thief. Assane faces off against the very ruthless, powerful, and wealthy Hubert Pellegrini, in order to take revenge for his father’s death. Lupin was created and written by George Kay, who also wrote two episodes of AMC’s hit series Killing Eve.

Sy had already worked in Hollywood with his voice acting in the Transformers franchise film Transformers: The Last Night, he also appeared alongside Harrison Ford in the 2020 film The Call of the Wild, and his upcoming Hollywood project includes the third entry in the Jurrasic World franchise titled Jurrasic World: Dominion.

Check out Sy’s tweet below:

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