Joaquin Phoneix’s ‘Joker 2’ Release Date Confirmed

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Credit - Warner Bros.

Just a day after announcing that Warner Bros. will not be releasing the previously announced Batgirl movie, a new announcement comes, which will be definitely good news for the DC fans and the news is that the release date for Joaquin Phoenix‘s sequel to the Joker film titled Joker: Foile A Deux has been set and it will be hitting theaters on October 4, 2024, as it was reported by Deadline. According to the sequel’s release date, Joker 2 will be coming to theaters on the fifth year anniversary of the first film.

The sequel makes a ton of sense financially as the first absolutely destroyed the box office when it was released in October 2019, earning over $1 billion worldwide. While at the time Joker seemed like a self-contained story, after its successful journey the sequel quickly entered into development. While there is not much known about the sequel, we do know that the director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoneix will be returning in their respective duties.

Also, it was previously reported that the WB is thinking of giving Lady Gaga the role of Harley Quinn. It was also reported that the sequel will be a musical. This news was a big surprise for the fans as the first film played out like a dark crime thriller. While none of this has been confirmed by WB, it was reported by legitimate sources.

Joker: Foile A Deux will be hitting theaters on October 4, 2024.

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