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Jackie Chan & John Cena’s ‘Hidden Strike’ Reaches No. 1 Spot on Netflix

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Who knew that we needed a Jackie Chan and John Cena buddy action comedy but now that it’s here, every fan is extremely happy with it. Chan’s new action flick Hidden Strike follows the story of two former soldiers who are trying to protect their families while also doing their duty. Hidden Strike is not a big action film and the use of CGI is very apparent but still the film is very enjoyable and the reason for that is Chan and Cena’s undeniable chemistry which will surely make you laugh.

The reviews for Hidden Strike are really bad but despite all of its problems, it seems like the audience is loving the Chan & Cena duo because only one day after its release on July 29, 2023, it reached to the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list. Making it clear that as long as there is Jackie Chan and some good comedy and action in the film, audiences will love it despite its overwhelming flaws.

Directed by Scott Waugh (Need for Speed), Hidden Strike also stars Pilou Asbæk as Owen, Zhenwei Wang as Xiao Wei, Gong Jun as Haiming, Chunrui Ma as Mei, Jiang Wenli as Professor Cheng, Xu Jia, Ruima Xidan as Li Yan, Tim Man as Knox, Amadeus Serafini as Henry, and Neo Hou as Assistant Ning.

Hidden Strike is currently available to stream on Netflix, resting on the #1 position on its Top 10 list. Check out the trailer and official synopsis below:

“Two ex-special forces soldiers must escort a group of civilians along Baghdad’s “Highway of Death” to the safety of the Green Zone.”

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