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HBO’s The Third Day – Your grief Wants Chaos (Trailer, Release Date, Cast)

When was the last time you really let go?“, Jude Law brings you to a strange world.

The Third Day
Credit – HBO


Jude Law’s new limited three-part series The Third Day tells a tale of grief and pain as you can see in the new trailer HBO just released in which Law’s and Harris’s character are both on their personal journey but they are both drawn to a remote island off the British coast. When they get there they see the people of the island are preparing for the worst chaos then they would have imagined.


The official Synopsis for The Third Day is following,
The Third Day
Credit – HBO
The Third Day is told over the first three episodes. “Summer” follows Sam, a man drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast, who encounters a group of islanders set on preserving their traditions at any cost. “Winter” unfolds over the latter three episodes as Helen, a strong-willed outsider who comes to the island seeking answers, but whose arrival precipitates a fractious battle to decide its fate.

The Third Day – Cast?

The Third Day
Credit – HBO
The limited series stars Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson, and Paddy Considine.

The Third Day – Creators?

The Third Day is created by Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrett. It is a three-part limited series that will air on HBO and HBO MAX.

The Third Day – Release Date?

The Third Day will start airing on HBO & HBO MAX on September 14.


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