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‘Fargo’ Season 5 – Episode Guide (When Will the New Episodes Air?)

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Fargo is finally back for another season after taking a three year long break. Created by Noah Hawley, the FX’s anthology black comedy–crime drama series is based on a 1996 film of the same name and it revolves around a new set of characters in Minnesota and North Dakota in the fall of 2019. Fargo Season 5 revolves around Dorothy “Dot” Lyon, who at first glance seems to be a typical midwestern wife but when her mysterious past comes back to haunt her she gets in trouble with the law, specifically North Dakota Sheriff Roy Tillman.

Fargo Season 5 – Episode Guide (When are the Episodes Coming Out?)

Fargo Season 5 Episode Guide
Credit – FX

The latest season of Fargo consists of ten episodes in total. The first two episodes are released on the same day November 21, with the rest of the episodes coming out weekly. Check out the full episode guide below:

  • Episode 1 “The Tragedy of the Commons” – November 21, 2023
  • Episode 2 “Trials and Tribulations” – November 21, 2023
  • Episode 3 “The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions” – November 28, 2023
  • Episode 4 “Insolubilia” – December 5, 2023
  • Episode 5 “The Tiger” – December 12, 2023
  • Episode 6 “The Tender Trap” – December 19, 2023
  • Episode 7 “Linda” – December 26, 2023
  • Episode 8 “TBA” – January 2, 2023
  • Episode 9 “TBA” – January 9, 2024
  • Episode 10 “TBA” – January 16, 2024

Fargo Season 5 – Cast & Characters (Who is in It & Who are they Playing?)

Fargo Season 5 Episode Guide
Credit – FX

The new season of Fargo consists of a very talented cast just like its previous seasons. Fargo Season 5 stars Juno Temple as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon, Jon Hamm as North Dakota Sheriff Roy Tillman, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lorraine Lyon, Joe Keery as Gator Tillman, Lamorne Morris as Witt Farr, Richa Moorjani as Indira Olmstead, Sam Spruell as Ole Munch, Sienna King as Scotty Lyon, Dave Foley as Danish Graves, Lukas Gage as Lars Olmstead, Kudjo Fiakpui as Jerome, James Madge as Mick Thigpen, Jan Bos as Wink Lyon, Rebecca Liddiard as Karen Tillman, Conrad Coates as Bowman, Erik Ermantrout as Pace, Stephen Joffe as Lemley, Jessica Pohly as Meyer, Nick Gomez as Joaquin, and Sally Bishop.

Fargo Season 5 – Trailer & Plot? (What is it About?)

“The latest installment of Fargo is set in Minnesota and North Dakota, 2019. After an unexpected series of events lands “Dorothy ‘Dot’ Lyon” (Juno Temple) in hot water with the authorities, this seemingly typical Midwestern housewife is suddenly plunged back into a life she thought she had left behind.”

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