‘Evil Dead Rise’ First Look Revealed

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Credit - Starz

Halloween is here and so is the first look for the upcoming Evil dead film.

The first look for Lee Cronin‘s Evil Dead Rise has been revealed. The upcoming film will be the fifth entry in Sam Raimi‘s horror comedy franchise. The first look for Evil Dead Rise was shared through Warner Bros.’s Twitter account.

In the image we see a woman, (who is not out of the ordinary in the Evil Dead world) looking through a peephole. Cronin also shared this image with a caption saying “is gonna make your eyes bleed.” Cronin is set to write and direct the upcoming Evil Dead film.

Evil Dead Rise will follow two sisters, Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), as their already tension-filled reunion gets turned into a gorefest because of a certain book being reawakened in Ellie’s apartment building.

Evil Dead Rise First Look
Credit – Warner Bros.

The road Evil Dead Rise has had to walk on was filled with near cancellations and panic. The upcoming film was originally slated to release on Warner Bros.’s streaming service HBO Max, but after the merger with Discovery+ many programs were taken off HBO Max, and the movie The Batgirl was canceled after it was nearly finished.

The fans began to panic about the release of the film and thought that the Deadites would never make it into the light now. Thankfully, in late August it was announced that Evil Dead Rise will have a theatrical release.

Evil Dead Rise is set to premiere in theaters on April 21, 2023. Check out the tweet below: