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Dylan O’Brien’s Favorite Season of Teen Wolf

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Newly released Love and Monsters star Dylan O’Brien (who played Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf) finally reveals his favorite season of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and the answer is not what you would expect.

Teen Wolf
Credit – MTV

Dylan O’Brien who is getting a lot of praise for his lead role in Love and Monsters, reveals his favorite season of Teen Wolf. Dylan played Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf, Scott McCall’s best friend. Teen Wolf is based on a 1985 movie of the same name, and it tells the story of Scott McCall, who is turned into a werewolf by an unknown alpha, and how he deals with his new powers or as he might say curse is the story of the series. Teen Wolf has a six-season run on MTV and it was loved by many.

Teen Wolf
Credit – MTV

O’Brien has always shown his love for the series, and he even gave the perfect pitch for rebooting the series, when all of the cast reunited on a virtual platform earlier this year. Many would think that O’Brien’s favorite season of the series would be season 3 because it has the biggest story arc for Stiles and most of the focus is on him, but this is what he has to say,

I think I have to, if I’m picking my most fun season of Teen Wolf, it’s hard for me not to say [season] one though… just for the sake of, y’know, no one knew what the show was gonna be. We were making this little show, this little show that could, this little weird wolf show, y’know, and we were just having the time of our lives. It was all so exciting to us. Obviously, we were all, y’know, different degrees of experience. I think Tyler Hoechlin, obviously, had been acting since he was a kid, as was [Tyler Posey]. Then, for me, it was my complete first. Fresh out of high school, just completely no idea what the hell was going on, just winging it kind of deal. But we were all just so fresh and young, and game, and loved it, and believed in what we were doing. Those are always just the greatest moments in something.

In Season 3, Stiles gets possessed by Nogitsune a thousand-year-old spirit, and the spirit uses him as a vessel. In this season Dylan really pulled of the darkness and the vulnerability which his character possessed and surprised us with the character of Stiles.

Teen Wolf
Credit – MTV

If you also love Teen Wolf and are waiting for a reboot, please comment and tell us, because as we have seen before Internet has a lot of power.

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