Christopher Nolan’s Next Film is Getting a Lengthy Theatrical Release

Christopher Nolan's Upcoming Film Sets 2023 Release Date
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Christopher Nolan’s next film is about J. Robert Oppenheimer and his involvement in making the atomic bomb. The upcoming Nolan’s film will be smaller in scale but it will get a lengthy theatrical window before it gets to be available on a streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Nolan has demanded a $100 million budget, total creative control, 20% first-dollar gross, and a six-week period in which the studio will not release any other film which helps Nolan’s film by reducing competition and gets more box office profit for Nolan and Universal.

Credit – Warner Bros.

Nolan’s decision to make his next film comes after a bitter split from Warner Bros. because of how WB handled the release of Nolan’s high-concept sci-fi film Tenet. But now Nolan has made his wishes clear to Universal, which according to THR, include a 100-day theatrical period before the film goes to any streaming service which in this case mainly means NBCUniversal-owned streaming service Peacock.

THR also reports that there are many details from Nolan’s deal with Universal that still need to be ironed out and the possibility of a six-week period in which the studio would not release any other film could still not come to pass as nobody knows what theatrical landscape in 2023 or 2024 would like because that is when Nolan’s next film is estimated to be released. Many Details about Nolan’s next project are still up in the air so keep reading Cinemablind for more updates.

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