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Comedian Bob Saget Tribute Coming to Netflix in June

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The comedic legend Bob Saget died over two months ago, and the loss is still fresh in many people’s hearts. Saget gave a laugh to millions of people and worked in the entertainment industry for a long time. The Comedy Store in Hollywood held a tribute to the legendary Saget, and according to TMZ, that event will be coming to Netflix as a Special in June.

Mike Binder, who is a friend of Saget organized the tribute event and he made the announcement on the Dystopia Tonight! with John Poveromo podcast. The special will feature many stars from Hollywood such as John Stamos, who worked with Saget in Full House for over a decade, and the Special will also feature Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, John Mayer, and Jeff Ross. There were only a limited amount of tickets made available for the event, so it is great that Netflix will be airing the event for the fans of Saget around the world.

Bob Saget Tribute Coming to Netflix in June

Binder also teased about the special, and what to expect from it with a clip, which he shared on the podcast. The clip featured Carrey and Rock bouncing off one another, and Carrey is singing a bluesy song and asks Rock to join in, but as you know Chris Rock he immediately turns on his dark humor and says, “I think it is sad that the motherfucker had to die to get Jim Carrey back on stage.” Carrey laughs and says, “I only come out on sad occasions.” This reply was met with even more dark humor by Rock saying, “If this is the only way we get to see you perform, I’m going to kill Eddie Murphy next week.”

Binder also said that he was really excited that Carrey was a part of the special because, while Carrey regularly hangs out at The Comedy Store, he is only there backstage. This special will be celebrating Saget in the best way alongside all these comic legends. Saget brought us a lot of laughter and even in his death all of these brilliant comedians will be making us laugh in his name.

Saget enjoyed a very long career in Hollywood which spanned over four decades, in which he made the brilliant sitcom Full House and numerous comedy specials. Now we will be able to celebrate him alongside all these comic legends in June.

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