‘Black Adam’ Opens With a Whopping $67 Million, Making it Dwyane Johnson’s Highest Opening Film in the Lead

Black Adam Box Office Opening
Credit - Warner Bros.

DC’s Black Adam is definitely a big success with the fans evidenced by its box office earnings, which is $67 million opening from 4,401 theaters. Black Adam’s box office earnings are the biggest opening since Thor: Love and Thunder.

Black Adam’s opening trumps Dwyane Johnson‘s biggest film opening yet which was Hobbs & Show, which opened with $60 million. With a reported $195 million budget before marketing costs, Black Adam will surely have to make hold over the box officer for a long time in box office days, which seems a bit hard because Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is coming soon to theaters on November 11.

Black Adam has polarized critics with its big spectacle and slim to no substance, but the fans seem to love the film because it holds 90% on the Audience Score of Rotten Tomatoes. So, if the fans keep loving the film like this, it will surely prove to be a big hit for Warner Bros.