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‘Behind Your Touch’ – Episode Guide (When Will the New Episodes Air?)

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Behind Your Touch is a South Korean feel-good fantasy rom-com series. The K-Drama is set in a small town and tells the story of a psychic veterinarian and a detective, who team up to crack on small crimes but their skills are put to the test when they have to solve a mystery involving a serial killer. Behind Your Touch stars Lee Min Ki, Han Ji-min, and Suho in the lead roles.

Behind Your Touch – Episode Guide (When are the Episodes Coming Out?)

Behind Your Touch premiered on Netflix on August 12 with its first episode and the second episode came out the next day, with the rest of the episodes coming out weekly in the batch of two. Check out the release dates for all of the episodes below:

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Credit – Netflix
  • Episode 1 – August 12
  • Episode 2 – August 13
  • Episode 3 – August 19
  • Episode 4 – August 20
  • Episode 5 – August 26
  • Episode 6 – August 27
  • Episode 7 – September 2
  • Episode 8 – September 3
  • Episode 9 – September 9
  • Episode 10 – September 10
  • Episode 11 – September 16
  • Episode 12 – September 17
  • Episode 13 – September 23
  • Episode 14 – September 24
  • Episode 15 – September 30
  • Episode 16 – October 1

Behind Your Touch – Cast & Characters (Who is in It & Who are they Playing?)

Behind Your Touch stars Lee Min Ki, Han Ji-min, and Suho in the lead roles of Jang Yeol, Bong Ye Bun, and Seon-woo Kim. The K-drama also stars Joo Mingyung as Bae Ok-hee, Kim Hee-won as Won Jong-mook, Park Seong-yeon, as Jung Hyeon-ok, Park Hyuk-kwon as Park Jong-bae, Lee Seung-joon as Cha Ju-man, Jung Yi-rang as Na Mi-ran, and Yang Jae Sung as Jung Eui-hwan.

Behind Your Touch – Trailer & Plot? (What is it About?)

A psychic vet and a detective join forces to crack small-town cases — but their skills are tested when they unravel a chilling serial killer mystery.

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