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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 15 – Ending Explained (We Finally Know Who the Killer Is!)

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Spoiler for Behind Your Touch Episode 15

Behind Your Touch is finally here with its second last episode and we finally know who the killer is. Episode 15 of the Korean series premiered on September 30, with the final episode coming on October 1. So, let’s talk about what happened in today’s episode with an episode summary and ending explained.

Episode 15 begins right where the last episode ended with Dr. Bong thinking that Seon-Woo was the real killer after she saw the murder weapon in his toolbox. As she runs away from Seon-Woo, he follows her but before he can catch up to her she runs into the real killer, who is wearing a raincoat.

The killer kills Seon-Woo while Dr. Bong hides and calls the police. When the police detective from the Crime Branch gets to the crime scene, he asks Dr. Bong to come with him but they are interrupted by Detective Jang. Dr. Bong seems to be in shock but she completely avoids Jang.

Behind Your Touch' Episode 15 Ending Explained
Credit – Netflix

After getting to the police station the detective starts to interrogate Dr. Bong but they are interrupted by Jang again and when the detective insults Jang, he punches the Crime Brach detective and gets himself suspended. When Jang tries to talk with Dr. Bong, he finds out that she blames him for Seon-Woo’s death.

Meanwhile, the whole town is grieving Seon-Woo’s death and gathers around Mr. Park in order to console him through this tragic moment. The next day Jang tries to go out in order to find the killer even after his suspension. He runs into his colleagues, who give him his badge and handcuffs back with the information that his suspension was revoked.

Behind Your Touch' Episode 15 Ending Explained
Credit – Netflix

Jang goes out to where Seon-Woo died and thinks about how the killer gets away with murder even if Dr. Bong can see their memories. While he’s thinking this he gets an idea from one of his colleague’s husband’s car of which the windows are tinted. He deduces that the killer must be wearing sunglasses in the dark when he is killing people so that Dr. Bong won’t find what she is looking for. When he tells his theory to Dr. Bong she gets even more angry at him and tells him to leave her alone.

When Dr. Bong goes to Mr. Park’s house to give him the shoes she bought for Seon-Woo. She sees him wearing sunglasses and rushes to him to see his memories. When she looks through his memories she finds that he is the real killer and Seon-Woo found out about him, which became the reason that Mr. Park had to kill him.

Behind Your Touch' Episode 15 Ending Explained
Credit – Netflix

Turns out besides Dr. Bong, Jeon Gwang-Sik, and Seon-woo, Mr. Park was also at the place where they got their powers when the comet passed over. His power of seeing people’s memories works when he looks into someone’s eyes. After confessing to Dr. Bong, Mr. Park tells her that he won’t kill her but she can’t tell anyone about him implying that if she does he will kill more people.

The next day we see Mr. Park keeping an eye on Dr. Bong, but she secretly gives Detective Jang the whole story, and after he finds evidence of Mr. Park’s murders in Seon-Woo’s phone. Because Seon-Woo started recording Mr. Park’s confession while he was killing him.

Mr. Park is arrested but he implies that he has one more card up his sleeve and demands that the police let him go. We find out later that he kidnapped Baek Ok-Hee and hid her somewhere the police can’t find her and if they don’t let him go, she will die.

Ending Explained

Behind Your Touch' Episode 15 Ending Explained
Credit – Netflix

In this episode, we finally find out who the real killer is and the police even arrest him, but because of his quick thinking, he manages to outsmart everyone. The real reason behind Mr. Park’s killing wasn’t his tragic past because that wasn’t even the real story turns out that after he killed his wife in Australia she was cheating on him. He just snapped and found joy in killing people. His powers also gave him an edge and a visual motivation for killing. Now, there is only one episode left before the series ends and in the final episode, we will find out if Detective Jang and Dr. Bong can save Baek Ok-Hee. Also, if Mr. Park will be successful in his attempt to escape.

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