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Batman: Death in the Family – Will You Kill Robin?

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New Batman Animated Movie is coming with a Netflix Bandersnatch twist. DC Animated Universe is bringing you Batman: Death in the Family which is an interactive film where you can choose the character’s actions and face the ramifications but the biggest decision you will have to make is whether you will kill Jason Todd aka Robin or not.  


There are speculations that this film will have a shorter runtime than other films because of the complexity and several decisions you will make to get through the movie and this is still the first time DC is bringing you this type of content.

Source Material

Batman: Death in the Family
Credit: DC Entertainment

Interactive movies is a very new and bold decision for DC Universe all in all it could be an experiment but it doesn’t matter because it’s one hell of a way to honor the source material which was published in 1988 and the decision of the antihero vigilante’s death was up to the audience to decide and then Robin died because his 72 more people called the 1900 number who wanted him dead than the people who wanted him to live. Batman: Death in the Family is also heavily modified to serve as a prequel to 2010 Under the Red Hood which explored Jason’s return from under the grave.  



There are many talented people behind this movie who are voicing these iconic characters such as Batman will be voiced again by Bruce Greenwood, Young Jason Todd by Vincent Martella, The Joker by John DiMaggio, Talia Al Ghul by Zehra Fazal, and Two-Face by Gary Cole.  

Release Date

Batman: Death in the Family is set to release Digitally on August 23, and Blu-Ray, Ultra HD, and DVD on September 8.    


In this new presentation by DC Universe Batman, Joker, and Robin’s life will play out in entirely new and different ways and it will all depend on your decision. So, the only question left to ask is Will You Kill Robin?

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