Avatar Reclaims Global Box Office Crown: Marvel Congratulates

Avatar Reclaims Global Box Office Crown: Marvel Congratulates

The highest-grossing picture Avatar by James Cameron was a millennial hit. It won numerous awards and again has come in the headlines for winning the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide.

Marvel Studios congratulated Avatar whose Avengers: Endgame was occulted by Avatar. Marvel Studios congratulated James Cameron and producer Jon Landau for the huge success and restoring the box office crown.

In a consideration to Endgame, the Marvel post said, “We love you 3000”.

Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo also reflected in, saying, “Passing the gauntlet back to you”.


The heart emoji is too cute to thank each other. Avatar’s re-release in China is the result of its success. It has earned $12M within two days to close what had been a roughly $7.8M gap between it and Endgame.

Avatar‘s account also thanked “our fans in China for coming out to see Avatar on the big screen this weekend! This crown belongs to Na’vi Nation – it couldn’t have happened without you“.

Congratulations and Celebrations in Hollywood

In 1977, Steven Spielberg congratulated George Lucas for the great success of Star Wars.

In 1998, Lucas congratulated Cameron for the promising work in Titanic.

In 2015, Disney and Marvel congratulated Universal’s Jurassic World for its record-breaking success.

In 2019, Cameron complimented Endgame for surpassing Titanic and in July that year, Cameron again praised when Endgame crossed Avatar.

Checkout more tweets from James Cameron to Marvel Studios, and from Avatar account:

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