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Army of Thieves – Netflix Revealed the First Look Images of ‘Army of the Dead’ Prequel Film

Army of Thieves First Look Images
Credit - Netflix

The best safe cracker in the Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead Universe is returning and he is making his comeback with an “Army of Thieves”.

Netflix has just released the first look images of it’s upcoming, ‘Army of the Dead’ prequel named Army of Thieves. The film will focus on a character named Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) from Snyder’s film ‘Army of the Dead’, he is a safe cracker in the zombie film but this prequel will not feature any zombies, and it will follow a crew of thieves, trying to crack safes that are impossible to crack.

Credit – Netflix

In the crew with Matthias Schweighöfer in Army of Thieves are Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Guz Khan. The crew of thieves will travel across Europe, trying to crack safes that are theoretically impossible to crack. In two of the images we see Dieter standing in front of a big door alone and one with Emmanuel, and in the third we see Schweighöfer, Khan, and Cohen sitting in on a couch, and in the final photo we see the crew in a surveillance van.

The prequel film will be set before the events of Army of the Dead film, and it will not feature any undead creatures from the original film. Army of Thieves is not the only prequel in the works for the ‘Army of the Dead’ film there is also an animated spin-off in the works. With these kind of projects Snyder-Verse is seeming to be expanding in a lot of exciting directions.

Army of Thieves – Official Synopsis?

“In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, small-town bank teller Dieter gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, attempting to heist a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.”

Army of Thieves is set to premiere on Netflix this fall. Here are all the images of the film provided by Netflix:

Are you excited about Army of Thieves?

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