Arcane Season 2 Sets Late 2024 Release on Netflix

Arcane Season 2 Release Window Announced
Credit - Netflix

The fans of Netflix’s animated series Arcane finally have a solid update about Season 2 after two years of radio silence. The brilliant League of Legends animated series was renewed as it was airing Season 1 final batch of episodes. During the recent Video V Vision conference hosted by League of Legends’ parent company Tencent, a graphic for Arcane Season 2 was shown and with that, we also got a release window for the highly anticipated Season 2.

Arcane initially premiered on Netflix with its first season in 2021, and the second season of the animated series is set to come out nearly three years later in the fourth quarter of 2024. While a release date still has not been announced an October release is being rumored because it will be the 15th birthday of League of Legends game.

Arcane Season 2 Release Window Announced
Credit – Netflix

Arcane is a prequel to League of Legends and it follows the story of two of the most iconic characters from the game sisters Vi and Jinx. The animated series is set during a significant conflict between the twin cities Piltover and Zaun. In this fight between the two cities, two sisters fight on opposite sides in the fighting arena for the League Champions.

While a specific date has still not been announced for Arcane Season 2, the fans finally have an idea when they can expect the return of their favorite series. Check out the tweet by League of Legends Leaks & News below: