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‘American Tragedy’ showcasing on Paramount+

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Welcome, all the followers and TV fans. Paramount + has announced the release of American Tragedy, a crime series based on true events.

Paramount+ is building on its scripted mini-series Waco with a new anthology series.

The banner is initiating American Tragedy, which will showcase the true events of the crime. The series could be spine chilling.

American Tragedy – The Plot?

The plot or storyline has not been disclosed yet, but for sure it will be based on true events.

American Tragedy – Cast?

It would be too early to say anything about the cast right now. We have to wait for conficonfirmation from Viacom CBS and Paramount+

Waco dramatised one of the most complicated stories.

The Waco series was released in January 2018.

In February 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raids David Koresh’s Branch Davidian compound, a small religious community located just outside of Waco, Texas, triggering a drawn-out gun battle that kills four ATF agents and six civilians and wounds dozens more people. After a 51-day standoff, the conflict ends when an FBI assault leads to a fire that engulfs the compound, killing 76 Branch Davidians, including Koresh. Told from the perspectives of those who were there, including chief FBI negotiator Gary Noesner and survivor David Thibodeau.

Waco – Cast?

The Waco series starred Taylor Kitsch, Michael Shannon, Andrea Riseborough, Paul Sparks, Rory Culkin, Julia Garner, and Melissa Benoist.

American Tragedy – Release Date?

Enthusiasts have to wait for a long time for the series to release. Viacom CBS and Paramount+ have not publicized the information yet.

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