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PBS Renews ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ For Season 3 and 4

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The light-hearted and beautiful Masterpiece PBS series All Creatures Great and Small will be returning for a third and fourth season as it has been renewed for two seasons in advance. The renewal comes ahead of the series’ second season US premiere on January 9. After this renewal, we will be able to see James Herriot treating animals in the beautiful town of Yorkshire Dales for three more years.

All creatures Great and Small is set in the 1930s and it follows James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph), a Glasgow resident who moves to the beautiful village Yorkshire Dales in order to find veterinary work. After moving to Yorkshire he joins Siegfried Harnon (Samuel West) in his medical practice and begins healing the animals of the town. The PBS series is based on book series of the same name written by James Alfred Wright, who wrote the books based on his own experience which he had while working as a vet in Yorkshire, England. The latest adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small began in 2020.

All Creature Great and Small Renewed For Season 3 and 4
Credit – Masterpiece PBS

Season 3 will be set in 1939, just as the whole world is on the edge of war. In the town of Yorkshire, our protagonist James and his girlfriend Helen Alderson (Rachel Stenton) are about to take the next step in their lives and start their life in Dales. Both upcoming seasons will see the return of the entire regular cast including Ralph, West, Stenton, Anna Madeley, Callum Woodhouse, Patricia Hodge, and a whole lot of animals.

The series will still be written by Ben Vanstone and Chloë Mi Lin Ewart, with Karim Khan and Crichton coming on the team for a few episodes. The series is executive produced by Vanstone, Brian Percival (Lead Director), Colin Callender, Melissa Gallant, Louise Pedersen, David Swetman, Rebecca Eaton, and Sussane Simpson.

On the renewal of the series, Sebastian Cardwell, the Deputy Director of Programmes at ViacomCBS Network UK said:

“It is clear that our viewers adore James Herriot’s adventures in Darrowby and so do we at Channel 5, I am looking forward to us all being reunited with the Skeldale House family when series three arrives on our screens this year.”

The children of the book series writer Wight, Jim Wight, and Rosie Page also spoke on the renewal of the series:

“For many years the books of James Herriot have provided a source of comfort to tens of thousands of people worldwide at difficult times in their lives. With this recent adaptation of his books, a new generation has been introduced to the joys of the Herriot stories. We are delighted that there are to be at least two more series of All Creatures Great and Small, and we are especially pleased that the same excellent actors and producers are to be involved.”

All Creature Great and Small Season 2 will premiere on Masterpiece PBS on January 9.

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