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A Killer Paradox – A Superhero or A Serial Killer (Review)

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CinemaBlind’s Review – 95%

Netflix is doing pretty well when it comes to South Korean content, as it is dominating the market in the US. With massive hits like Squid Games, All of Us Are Dead, and Hellbound the streaming service has added another surefire hit to the list. Based on the Naver Webtoon titled SalinjaㅇNangam (A Killer Paradox) by Kkomabi, A Killer Paradox revolves around a submissive college student who accidentally kills a serial killer with a hammer. Soon, he learns that he has a superpower that senses evil in people and he starts getting rid of said people while being chased by a relentless detective.

A Killer Paradox is one of the most refreshing superhero series I’ve seen in a while, and while it starts as a crime thriller it soon turns into a superhero series within the crime thriller genre. The way A Killer Paradox pulls off this incredible task is also commendable, as we don’t know who to root for even by the end as all of the characters are morally gray or bankrupt. With some complex and intriguing characters, this Netflix series is sure to be a hit among the audience. A Killer Paradox doesn’t shy away from examining the hard question even at the cost of reducing the likability of its protagonists.

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All of the great characters in the series are backed up by some truly incredible performances and the clear standout performance in the series is by its lead actor Choi Woo-shik, but he isn’t alone as Son Suk-ku is close behind as the relentless detective. The supporting cast is also great which includes Lee Hee-joon as Song Chon, Nam Jin-bok, Hyun Bong-sik, Kim Geum-soon, Han Sang-kyung, and Seok-hyeon Jo.

Netflix lifted the review embargo of A Killer Paradox’s first four episodes a few days earlier but I waited until now because I don’t believe that I could tell you how great this series is without its last four episodes. The story of the series truly begins to take shape in the fourth episode and after that, it just keeps getting better and better. It seemed like Kim Da-min and Lee Chang-hee, the writer and director of the series wanted to traumatize the audience with some of its characters.

In conclusion, A Killer Paradox is a must-watch for crime thriller and superhero fans who want to watch something fresh. The Netflix series will not leave you disappointed and while I don’t say this enough the score and the visual gags in the series are extraordinary. If you are in the mood to watch a moody thriller, you should add A Killer Paradox to your watchlist now to binge-watch it this weekend.

A Killer Paradox is coming out on Netflix with all of its episodes on February 9, 2024. Check out the trailer for the Korean series below:

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