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10 MCU Mistakes that Loki Series Must Avoid

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Loki, Marvel’s royal villain has a huge fan following. He has been the favorite character of many people. But Marvel Cinematic Universe should avoid certain mistakes Which will make the character reach the ladder of success.

Loki is known as God of Mischief and brother to Thor, Loki’s tricks and schemes wreak havoc across the realms.

After the huge accomplishment of WandaVision, fans are sure that the new mystery series with Loki will be great fun. MCU can create great magic and wonders with the Loki series, but if certain mistakes are avoided and taken care of the Series will be even better.

Focusing Too Much On Loki as a Tragic Figure

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Loki has been given much empathy. Now, it’s time to come out. His chart has been shown so much tragedy that the worst traits have been ignored. MCU should stop giving him such a lot of sympathy as it doesn’t get well with his dire character.

Presenting A Love Interest

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All the characters seem to change and good things happen as they fall in love. But why it doesn’t happen with Loki? His character is so incompetent towards love.

Suddenly showing Previously Unknown Powers

Loki Season 2
Credit – Marvel

Numerous personalities like Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch, and Thor have had these sudden power-ups, only for them not to factor too much in later stories. This mistake would feel even bigger for Loki since his new powers would be treated as a big deal in the show but won’t be of importance in the grand technique of things.

Presenting Too Many Points of View

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Although Loki has a lot of fans, it shouldn’t hide the fact that he’s received a lot of characters. However, the MCU has a bad habit of de-emphasizing the work of villains, to the point where their vicious actions have taken a backseat to their magnetism.

Survival After Being Smashed by Hulk

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From the first Avengers film where Loki was the main villain of the world’s greatest heroes. Towards the end of the film, he declares Thanos’ army, the Chitauri, onto New York to wreak devastation and cause utter destruction to the city and its citizens.

So, after Loki was beaten pretty much within an inch of his life by The Hulk, how in the world would he survive something of that level.

Uneven Display of Powers

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The first illustration is when Loki had locked up his brother, Thor, in his previous jail. While Loki and Thor are immersed in a heated discussion for quite a while, Agent Coulson takes this chance to sneak up on Loki and shoot him.

Unfortunately, Loki knew all along that he was coming and conjured one of his holograms instead, which is what Coulson actually shot at. This leads to Coulson’s own end, but it all begs the question of how Loki accomplished this in the first place since he had apparently been using this hologram for quite a long time while he was using the computer at the same time.

Downplaying His Villainous Behavior

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Loki is a series that needs to have the main character front and center, so bringing different points of view will be counterproductive.

The MCU has also used different characters to steer the focus away from the main protagonist for the shock value when the latter character suddenly returns

Sibling Rivalry

Loki and Thor
Credit – Walt Disney Pictures

In the original Thor film, Loki hates his brother, Thor, when he finds out he’s adopted and they do not pertain. It meant that Loki was never going to become King of Asgard since he’s not a lawful successor to the throne.

But it seemed that before that, they got along fairly well. So it was confusing that he had harmful intentions towards his brother before he knew about this.

But things got a little more interesting when he said, “This one time when we were children he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows that I love snakes, so I went to pick up the snake to admire it, and he transformed back to himself and he was like it’s me! And he stabbed me… we were eight at the time.

It is a little funny and a lot terrifying but still doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Characters Making Snap Decisions

Loki Series
Credit – Walt Disney Pictures

As the character demands Loki to be villainous and an enemy of his brother Thor, how can he suddenly get sympathetic and generous toward him? His actions and thoughts are so confusing, it becomes difficult to relate. Once he sends someone to kill his brother Thor and the next moment he is shown regretting his decision.

Not Trying New Things

Credit – Walt Disney Pictures

In the Thor films, we’ve seen Loki use his super power which is creating illusions of himself to fool his enemies. When he goes to end Thanos in Infinity War, his only deception is vowing his loyalty to him while secretly hiding a knife he planned to dip into his neck. He has the power to clone himself, so we don’t understand why he didn’t kill him in his clone disguise.

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