The 5 Best Andrew Garfield Movies, Ranked

Written By

Shrawan Kumar

99 Homes (2015)


Andrew Garfield took on the role of an unemployed construction worker and single father being evicted from his family home in Orlando in 99 Homes

Hacksaw Ridge


A Dramatization of real events and experiences of Desmond Doss during World War II, who became the first person to receive the medal of honour without ever firing a single gunshot.

The Social Network


The film portrays the founding of social networking site Facebook and the many complicated legal proceedings and lawsuits that surrounded it.

Silence (2016)


Garfield portrays Sebastião Rodrigues, who carries an enormous weight on his frail malnourished body throughout the film, grappling with religion and faith under Scorsese's masterful direction

Tick, Tick... Boom!


The film tells the story of playwright Jonathan Larson, responsible for Rent and, of course, Tick, Tick... Boom. The film is a complete shift from anything Garfield has done before.....