5 Best Movie Trilogies That We Couldn't Live Without

The Back to The Future Trilogy


Back to the Future is time travel one of the greatest films ever made, in fact that it wasn't based on an existing property.

The Dark Knight Trilogy


The series was filled with countless standout moments and performances from A-list actors that perfectly captured the spirit of each character that they portrayed.

The Godfather Trilogy


The Godfather trilogy is two of the greatest films ever made. The first film in the trilogy is typically regarded as perhaps the greatest film ever made while The Godfather Part II

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy


Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Lord of The Rings novels were essentially one long story divided into three volumes however each film had its own identity.

The Original Star Wars Trilogy


the original three films expertly told a complete story that had, at the time, but it was still a classic film that cemented the series as the most unforgettable trilogy of all time.