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The Boys Season 4: New Supes Firecracker & Sister Sage Explained

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The Boys has added two new supes in its upcoming Season 4, Firecracker and Sister Sage, and we are here to explain everything we know about them including their comic origins, superpowers, and the actors who will be taking on the roles. Prime Video’s The Boys has been one of the most brutal and violent superhero series ever made and because of that, there are many characters that do not survive even a single season. Characters like Blue Hawk and Supersonic are disposed of quickly and this is one of the reasons that every season we get a number of new superheroes lining up to get brutally killed. Considering, what happened in Season 3 of The Boys, it seems like Season 4 will also take the same route.

While these two superheroes could be important in the overarching story, the unpredictable nature of the series doesn’t really allow anyone to guess how Firecracker and Sister Sage will fit into our world of greedy and maniacal superheroes. Both of the characters could be important in the upcoming or they could die instantly after meeting Homelander.

Firecracker & Sister Sage: Actors

Susan Heyward will be taking on the role of Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4, and she has previously appeared in shows like Powers as Detective Deena Pilgrim and in Orange is the New Black as Tamika Ward. Valorie Curry will be taking on the role of Firecracker in the upcoming season she recently appeared in the Peacock original series The Lost Symbol and she also played a part in the Prime Video superhero series The Tick.

Firecracker & Sister Sage: Comics Origins

The Boys Season 4 New Supes
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According to our research Firecracker and Sister Sage are not in any of The Boys comics. This means that both of the characters were written only for the series and given that Ryan and Victoria Neuman were also original characters created for the series and will likely play a huge role in the upcoming season, this could be an indication that Season 4 will veer away from the source material to create something entirely new.

Firecracker & Sister Sage: Superpowers

The details on Firecracker and Sister Sage’s superpowers have not been disclosed yet, but the creator and showrunner Eric Kripke have shared that these supes are some of the “best & craziest” characters written for the series. He also added that fans will be “absolutely horrified” and “a tiny bit nauseous” by them. While we do not know the nature of Firecracker and Sister Sage’s superpowers, we could interpret their superhero names and Firecracker could possess pyrokinesis, and Sister Sage could have the power of telepathy or magic.

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