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‘Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain’ – A Feature-Length SNL Skit But Fun (Review)

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CinemaBlind’s Review – 75%

Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain is a coming-of-age adventure comedy film directed by Paul Briganti, from a screenplay by the Please Don’t Destroy guys Martin Herlihy, Ben Marshall, and John Higgins, who also stars as the three main leads in the film. The Peacock is the first SNL film since 2010’s MacGruber and I have to say that it doesn’t disappoint.

The Treasure of Foggy Mountain revolves around three childhood best friends Ben, John, and Martin who live and work together, but lately, John is getting the feeling that all of them are drifting apart. To get them all closer once again he takes them on a treasure hunt on the titular Foggy Mountain. This adventure is filled with hilarious gags, witty dialogues, and silly comedy which keeps you laughing from the beginning to the end.

While The Treasure of Foggy Mountain is funny, it does suffer from not having much substance. The characters in the film are great and funny but you don’t get attached to them, which in this kind of film is pretty important. While you watch this film, you will be waiting for the next gag or next comedic thing instead of any real character moment because that’s what this film is a full-length SNL skit and for me that’s fine.

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All of the performances in the film are exactly what they need to be and that’s why you will fall in love with many of the characters in the film, but I especially have to point out Late Night Talk Show Host Conan O’Brien‘s performance as an emotionally abusive father, who is also the boss of the lead trio. The Treasure of Foggy Mountain also stars John Higgins, X Mayo, Nicole Shakura, Bowen Yang, Megan Stalter, Cedric Yarbrough, and Sunita Mani. The whole cast has done a commendable job in bringing their character to life, and while you will feel that some of the characters are a tad underdeveloped that’s not exactly the actor’s fault.

So, in conclusion, Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain is a hilarious outing by Herlihy, Marshall, and Higgins, and while it does suffer from the lack of substance and meaning it has the gags and comedy to make up for it. If you liked our review and are excited to watch the film you can find it on Peacock. Check out the trailer and official synopsis by Peacock below:

In PLEASE DON’T DESTROY: THE TREASURE OF FOGGY MOUNTAIN, John Goodman narrates the adventure of Ben, Martin, and John, three childhood friends turned deadbeat co-workers, who fend off hairless bears, desperate park rangers (played by Meg Stalter and X Mayo) and a hypocritical cult leader (Bowen Yang) in the hopes of finding a priceless treasure, only to discover that finding the treasure is the easiest part of their journey. Oh, and Conan O’Brien plays Ben’s dad in it. Produced by Judd Apatow (Superbad) and Jimmy Miller (Bad Teacher), the film is written, executive produced and stars Martin Herlihy, John Higgins, and Ben Marshall – aka the Please Don’t Destroy guys, and directed by Paul Briganti (Saturday Night Live).

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