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Looking For Alaska – The Ultimate Teen Love Story

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We don’t exactly know why but Looking For Alaska made all of us feel like a teenager. Looking For Alaska is a Hulu miniseries based on a brilliant novel of the same name by John Green. The series featured an amazing ensemble cast including Charlie Plummer, Kristine Froseth, Denny Love, Landry Bender, and Sofia Vassilieva.

Looking For Alaska follows a group of friends as they go through the trials and tribulations of a school that is filled with rules and bullies. But most of all the series is about teen love and the sadness you feel when you lose it.

Looking For Alaska could have been another one of those teen series that could have dramatized everything and made even the most authentic feeling of love feel artificial, but it didn’t. The series definitely has something raw in it that never lets you escape the emotions of the characters in it. Looking For Alaska really understands what it is like to be a teenager and while the way characters talk in the series is very much unrealistic but the most amazing thing about that is it doesn’t feel like it.

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When you are watching Looking For Alaska you get lost in the words, music, and emotions you feel while watching the characters get hurt and be happy, and even though you pray to any god you believe in that they have to be happy in the end. Still, you also know that there is a tragedy just a mile away.

Looking For Alaska Teen Love Story
Credit – Hulu

The music in Looking For Alaska is also a big reason why you feel all the things that the series clearly wants to express. Sometimes the music is tragic, sometimes it’s about love, but when it’s haunting you can’t help but be haunted by it.

Alaska is the dream that every high school boy has and I know that this statement reduces her character to just an object of someone’s desire but the Hulu series is not about Alaska its about how she affected the people around her. Miles is the confused and green guy that is supposed to be relatable to the audience but in some ways, his character gets to be a vessel for the audience that is headed right in the midst of a tragedy but no one wants to stop and just get right in the middle of it.

So, Looking For Alaska is the ultimate teen love story and the reason for that is, it haunts you and in the back of your head you always know that it will end, but also there is something in you that never lets you give up hope that it might not.

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