Dominic Cooper’s Spy City Trailer – Cooper Must Find The Traitor

Dominic Cooper's Spy City Trailer
Credit - AMC+

Spy City, the AMC+ series will premiere on April 15.

After Dominic Cooper‘s beloved role of Jesse Custer in the AMC series Preacher, Cooper is heading back to AMC, but instead of a badass preacher, he is going to be a badass spy in the AMC+ upcoming series Spy City.

Spy City is set in 1960s Berlin, and it follows an English spy Fielding Scott, who is sent to Berlin, on a mission in 1961, during the height of the Cold War. Scott is sent to Berlin because the Russians seemingly know very important state secrets and Scott is sent to find the traitor who leaked the information.

The official synopsis given by AMC for Spy City is:

An English spy (Dominic Cooper) is sent to Berlin in 1961 on a mission to find out the leak of vital information.

The cast of Spy City includes Dominic Cooper (Fielding Scott), Romane Portail, Leonie Benesch, Ben Münchow, Seumas Sargent, Brian Caspe, and Johanna Wokalek.

Are you excited for Dominic Cooper speaking his real accent in AMC’s Spy City on April 15?