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Visual Prison Anime Series – Release Date, Cast & What We Know So Far

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If you enjoy genre-bending animes, you should definitely wait for the upcoming anime series, “Visual Prison”, which will blend teen drama, vampirism, and the Japanese visual kei movement to create an entirely new experience for anime fans.

Visual Prison has a lot of talented creators behind it, starting with the show’s creators Noriyasu Agematsu and Afredes. Elements Garden will be providing the music for the series whose front-man is Agematsu, the Japanese rock band that has provided music for some great anime shows like Utano Princesama, BanG Dream, and Symphogear.

Visual Prison was announced earlier this year, and the observer of the series are very much impressed with the show’s visuals and characters and the most exciting thing is you won’t have to wait for much longer to watch the series. Here’s everything we know about the gothic musical anime series “Visual Prison” so far:

Visual Prison – Trailer

Visual Prison – Plot?

In order to understand the plot of Visual Prison, you first have to know about visual kei. It is a goth and glam-flavored Japanese rock sub-genre. As reported by Anime News Network, Visual Prison will take place in a world where many of the Japanese top visual kei musicians are vampires and every year they gather to perform to entrance the audience in Harajuku on the festival which is called Visual Prison. The festival also takes place on the day of the blood moon, and whichever team has the best songs offers it up to the blood moon.

The series will follow Ange Yuki, a lonely teen who feels like he doesn’t fit anywhere. The story begins when Yuki travels to Harajuku and stumbles on to the yearly festival, and gets roped into the competition. He joins the team named Oz and he competes against Lost Eden and Eclipse.

Visual Prison – Release Date?

According to Anime News Network, the anime series will premiere in October 2021. A more specific release date is yet to be announced. The premiere date was announced during the day of AnimeJapan 2021, the biggest annual Japanese anime convention, which this year was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

No news for the anime fans who are waiting for English-dubbed episodes, typically the episodes air in English in the United States after two weeks from their premiere. So, look out for Visual Prison in the middle of October 2021.

Visual Prison – Cast?

Visual Prison Anime Series Release Date

In March 2021, “Visual Prison” anime studio A-1 announced the main cast of the upcoming series which was reported by Anime News Network. So these are cast members you will get to see in the Visual Prison anime series:

Shōya ChibaAnge Yuki
Makoto FurukawaGuiltia Brion
Hiroki NanamiEve Louise
Shun HorieRobin Laffite
Shimazaki NobunagaMist Flaive
Takuyar EguchiLatour Saga
Takuma NagatsukaVeuve Elizabeth
Shougo YanoJack Mouton
Toshiki MasudaDmitri Romanee
Shouta AoiHyde Jayer

So, tell us how excited are you about Visual Prison?

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