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‘Undefiled’ – An Important Film With Flaws (Review)

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CinemaBlind’s Review – 50%

Undefiled is a thrilling drama film inspired by true events. Directed by Matthew McCaulley, who also wrote the film with Daniel and David McCaulley, the film shows us some very evil things in our society and some flawed people who might gather enough courage to stand up against injustice and evil.

The film revolves around an aging baseball player with a failing marriage and career, who is also dealing with issues like porn addiction and childhood trauma. When he finds out that some members of his team are abusing an underage girl, who he develops a bond with later on in the film. He must decide between choosing a steady career or helping the girl get away from these monsters.

As a film Undefiled is flawed in many ways but I think the story and the message make it important enough for a single watch. The efforts put into delivering the message of the film seem sincere and despite its many flaws and obvious budget constraints, I think Undefiled succeeds in doing that.

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If we talk about the performances in the film, the lead role is played by Bradford Haynes. He does do a good enough job of portraying the flawed nature of the character, and most of the supporting characters do justice to their respective characters. Still, in my opinion, all of them could have been better and while some blame could go to the writers for not writing impactful enough dialogues, the actors do share some of the blame. Undefiled also stars Stelio Savante, Cory Kays, and Kalyn Elizabeth Wood.

So, in conclusion, Undefiled is an important film because of its themes and what it is trying to tell the audience but the execution is messy and the story is bogged down by too many things. While I can’t say that they should have cut some things as it is inspired by true events. In my opinion, they don’t help the characters and the story.

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