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The Witcher Season 2 – Every New Cast Member & Their Characters

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Fan Favorite Netflix series The Witcher will be returning with a new season in December and it’s coming with a list of new characters from Andrzej Sapkowski novels, and also a new character made only for the Netflix series. So, we made a list of every new cast member and their character joining the cast of The Witcher Season 2.

Kristofer Hivju as Nivellen

The Witcher Season 2 Every New Cast Member & Their Characters

Kristofer Hivju will be taking over the role of Nivellen, he was a cursed man living in Redania, in the woods near Murivel. He was referred to as Fanger or Degen by the locals who used to tell tales about his monstrous nature to children in order to scare them, but after a long conversation with Geralt, the Witcher decides that he is not a monster because he can touch silver and the witcher’s medallion without any bad effects. Hivju is mostly known for his role in Game of Thrones in which he played Tormund.

Agnes Bjorn as Vereena

The Witcher Season 2 Every New Cast Member & Their Characters

Agnes Bjorn will be playing the role of Vereena, a powerful Bruxa who falls in love with Nivellen, but because of her nature, this relationship wasn’t much good for Nivellen. Both Nivellen and Vereena were originally introduced in the short story “A Grain of Truth” in which they both have an encounter with Geralt.

Graham McTavish as Dijkstra

The Witcher Season 2 Every New Cast Member & Their Characters

Graham McTavish will be appearing in The Witcher Season 2 as Sigismund Dijkstra, who was the head of the Redanian Intelligence. He was a physically imposing man with a height of nearly seven feet and a bald head and a little fat around his waist. Dijkstra was a spy, but he never dressed like one, rather he wore bright colors and easy-to-notice dresses, he was a genius and very clever, finishing his studies at Oxenfurt Academy. In the public’s eye, he was a count but in reality that was just a cover given to him by King Vizimir II so that nobody would know that he was just a mere commoner. McTavish is known for his role in the series Outlander.

Adjoa Andoh as Nenneke

The Witcher Season 2 Every New Cast Member & Their Characters

Adjoa Andoh will be playing the head of the Temple of Melitele Nenneke, she had a very close and motherly relation with Geralt and she was kind of a mentor to Lola and Jarre. Her pharmacy was well known for its elixirs, potions, salves, and ointments, and some of them were made by herbs that only grew in the crystal-roofed greenhouse on the temple ground.

Paul Bullion as Lambert

Paul Bullion will be portraying the role of Lambert, a witcher trained by Vesemir and from the School of the Wolf, he was active in the 13th century and he was known for his rudeness often with Triss Merigold. He didn’t get into politics mainly due to the witcher’s code of neutrality.

Yasen Atour as Coën

Yasen Atour will be taking on the role of Coën, a witcher from the School of the Griffin, he was originally from Poviss and the same age as Lambert. He had scars on his face from chickenpox which apparently he contracted early on in his childhood because all of the witchers are immunized. Coën spent his first winter at Kaer Morhen, where he trained Ciri in sword combat with Geralt.

Thue Ersted Rasmussen as Eskel

Thue Ersted Rasmussen will be Eskel in the upcoming season of the Netflix series. Eskel was also a witcher from the School of the Wolf and he was also trained by Vesemir. Eskel was a renowned witcher in his own right and he possessed a kind and relaxed disposition. Eskel and Geralt were like brothers as they grew up and went through the trials together and he was also a good friend to younger Lambert and Coën.

Kim Bodnia as Vesemir

Kim Bodnia is all set to play the master of Geralt as Vesemir, the oldest and most experienced witcher at Kaer Morhen in the 13th century. He was also a father figure for Geralt and the other witchers. He was one of the few witchers who survived the attack on Kaer Morhen as you saw in the Nightmare of the Wolf.

Aisha Fabienne Ross as Lydia

Aisha Fabienne Ross will be playing the role of Lydia, who is the assistant to mage Vilgefortz, who was played by Mahesh Jadu in The Witcher Season 1.

Mecia Simson as Francesca Findabair

Mecia Simson will be playing the role of Francesca Findabair, she was an elven sorceress and also the queen of the elves of the Dol Blathanna. She was also the founding member of the Lodge of the Sorceresses after the fall of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. She was known as the most beautiful woman in the world with long golden hair and a grey-green dress.

Simon Callow and Liz Carr as Codringher and Fenn

Simon Callow and Liz Carr will be playing the detective duo Codringher and Fenn, who ran a detective agency named after them and they had a reputation for doing the job for the right coin. For some time Geralt was also confused and assumed that Codringher and Fenn were one person and Fenn was an alias Codringher used but even though Codringher used different aliases, Fenn actually did exist but he was not very social and didn’t like being seen.

Chris Fulton as Rience

Chris Fulton will be the role of a mage named Rience, who was instructed to find Ciri, after her disappearance during the slaughter of Cintra. Rience was quite powerful but not as powerful as his master Vilgefortz.

Cassie Clare as Philippa Eilhart

Cassie Clare will take on the role of the sorceress Philippa Eilhart, who was King Vizimir’s advisor and it was also implied that she was involved in his death. She was also known as one of the few sorceresses who could polymorph and she was thought to be nearly 300 years old. She led the Thanedd coup in the attacks against the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, from which she wanted to kill the traitors who were allied with Nilfgaard. She also helped in making the Lodge of Sorceresses and was considered its leader.

Kevin Doyle as Ba’lian

Kevin Doyle will be playing a new character in the series named Ba’lian, so there is not much we know about him.

This concludes the list of every new cast member and their character who will be joining in The Witcher Season 2. So, tell us which character are you most excitedly waiting to watch on December 17, 2021, and also check out the teaser for Season 2 below:

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